Vote for America!

At this time in our nation’s history, the choice is between keeping our country or losing it. The Republican Party, under the leadership of President Trump is America’s best hope.

A vote for President Trump and the Republicans who stand with him = a vote for America!

The Campaign Corner supports President Trump 100% and promotes candidates who align with his leadership.

The primary purpose of the site is to serve as a complete resource for Elections 2020 without liberal bias or narrow-minded ideology.  Our great country is in the fight of its life to reclaim our values, faith, prosperity, safety and sovereignty. We are a country of law and order, and President Trump is leading us in reclaiming and restoring our great country for all Americans. Because he keeps his promises, we expect a HUGE win for him in 2020!

Pro-America Candidates

The Campaign Corner researches and rates Republican candidates for US Congress and Governor. A 5-Star system is used. (DETAILS)

Any candidate ENDORSED by President Trump receives our support and promotion because we trust President Trump’s decisions. We list, but do not promote any contender against the President’s choice. Ratings are subject to change based on developing circumstances or new information.

Republican Party Unity

The Campaign Corner encourages unity within the Republican Party so that we can support President Trump and win! (READ MORE) President Trump chose this party through which to win his Presidency, and he has re-branded it with his leadership. In return the party now also supports our President. For example, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has combined its field and financial operations together with the Trump 2020 Campaign. The new, unified operation is called Trump Victory. As a result of combining efforts, a new donation site combines the RNC and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

The Republican Party is not perfect, in fact some of it is part of the swamp. We want to drain all of the swamp, and also make sure that we don’t bring in any new swamp creatures! President Trump could have formed a new party, but instead he made the decision to stick with the Republicans.

We face unprecedented hatred from the Democrats and their accomplices, so we don’t need it from each other. Republicans don’t have to agree on all points, but we can unify around our core beliefs. President Trump appreciates and encourages differences in opinion, but respect and loyalty should always be shown.

A divided party can’t effectively fight the enemy!

President Trump is working with the Republican Party including those who are considered to be a part of the establishment. Not all traditional or established members of our party are bad. We must work with who we have and over several election cycles clear out the swamp creatures

The Campaign Corner – Your “One Stop Shop”

The Campaign Corner is the place to find candidates who will work with President Trump. Summaries are included with multiple references that explain candidate ratings. Detailed race ratings, strategies to win, voter resources, election fraud updates, original articles and more are also covered.

Campaign Corner’s website information is free from liberal bias. You won’t see article headlines screaming lies about our President. We’re also ad-free and self-funded.