100,000 Leaders

The Campaign Corner is partnering with Pat Scopelliti for his expertise in analyzing statistics and navigating polling processes. Pat served as an advisor to General Michael Flynn during the General’s tenure in the Trump 2016 Election Campaign. Our goal with Pat is to accurately assess what is needed in order to win, even in Congressional Districts that are Democrat strongholds. We are working towards implanting 100,000 MAGA aligned leaders throughout the USA to lead local efforts.

Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti

Pat Scopelliti is an executive coach, author of America First – The MAGA Manifesto, and avid supporter of America First. Pat provided strategic analysis to General Flynn during Flynn’s service as a direct advisor to President Trump in the 2016 Election. Currently Pat is writing a detailed analysis of John Minford’s interpretation of Sun Tzu and posting his work on Twitter. Pat is a friend & mentor, providing strategic guidance to the Campaign Corner.