2020 Primaries

2020 Republican candidates for US Congress and Governor are listed as they enter. Candidate vetting and race information is continually updated.

AL 01Solid Red03/03Bradley Byrne (R)
63% - 37%AL 01 Candidates
AL 02Solid Red03/03Martha Roby (R)
62% - 38%AL 02 Candidates
AL 03Solid Red03/03Mike Rogers (R)64% - 36%AL 03 Candidates
AL 04Solid Red03/03Robert Aderholt (R)80% - 20%AL 04 Candidates
AL 05Solid Red03/03Mo Brooks (R)61% - 39%AL 05 Candidates
AL 06Solid Red03/03Gary Palmer (R)69% - 31%AL 06 Candidates
AL 07Solid Blue03/03Terri Sewell (D)No R EnteredN/A
AL SenTilts Red03/03Doug Jones (D)50% - 48%AL Senate Candidates
AK SenTilts Red08/18Dan Sullivan (R)48% - 46%AK Senate Candidates
AK HouseTilts Red08/18Don Young (R)54% - 46%AK House Candidates
AR 01Solid Red03/03Rick Crawford (R)69% - 29%AR 01 Candidates
AR 02Tilts Red03/03French Hill (R)52% - 46%AR 02 Candidates
AR 03Solid Red03/03Steve Womack (R)65% - 32%AR 03 Candidates
AR 04Solid Red03/03Bruce Westerman (R)67% - 31%AR 04 Candidates
AR SenLikely Red03/03Tom Cotton (R)56% - 39%AR Senate Candidates
AZ 01Tilts Blue08/04Tom O'Halleran (D)54% - 46%AZ 01 Candidates
AZ 02Tilts Blue08/04Ann Kirkpatrick (D) flipped54% - 46%AZ 02 Candidates
AZ 03Solid Blue08/04Raul Grijalva (D)64% - 36%N/A
AZ 04Solid Red08/04Paul Gosar (R)68% - 31%AZ 04 Candidates
AZ 05Solid Red08/04Andy Biggs (R)59% - 41%AZ 05 Candidates
AZ 06Tilts Red08/04David Schweikert (R)55% - 45%AZ 06 Candidates
AZ 07Solid Blue08/04Rubin Gallego (D)No R enteredAZ 07 Candidates
AZ 08Tilts Red08/04Debbie Lesko (R)55% - 44%AZ 08 Candidates
AZ 09Solid Blue08/04Greg Stanton (D)No R enteredAZ 09 Candidates
AZ SenBattle08/04Martha McSally (R)
AppointedAZ Senate Candidates
CA 01Tilts Red03/03Doug LaMalfa (R)55% - 45%CA 01 Candidates
CA 02Solid Blue03/03Jared Huffman (D)74% - 26%N/A
CA 03Likely Blue03/03John Garamendi (D)57% - 43%Tamika Hamilton (R)
Gregory Van Dyke (R)
Sean Feucht (R)
CA 04Tilts Red03/03Tom McClintock (R)55% - 45%CA 04 Candidates
CA 05Solid Blue03/03Mike Thompson (D)No R enteredScott Giblin (R)
CA 06Solid Blue03/03Doris Matsui (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 07Tilts Blue03/03Amy Berra (D)54% - 46%Buzz Patterson (R)
CA 08Likely Red03/03Paul Cook (R)
60% - 40%Jay Obernolte
Jeremy Staat
Timothy Donnelly 
Destiny Lovato
CA 09Tilts Blue03/03Jerry McNerny (D)55% - 45%N/A
CA 10Battle03/03Josh Harder (D) flipped51% - 49%CA 10 Candidates
CA 11Solid Blue03/03Mark DeSaulnier (D)73% - 27%N/A
CA 12Solid Blue03/03Nancy Pelosi (D)87% - 13%CA 12 Candidates
CA 13Solid Blue03/03Barbara Lee (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 14Solid Blue03/03Jackie Speira (D)78% - 22%N/A
CA 15Solid Blue03/03Eric Swalwell (D)72% - 28%Peter Liu (R)
Alison Hayden (R) 
CA 16Tilts Blue03/03Jim Costa (D)55% - 45%N/A
CA 17Solid Blue03/03Ro Khanna (D)75% - 25%N/A
CA 18Solid Blue03/03Anna Eshoo (D)73% - 27%N/A
CA 19Solid Blue03/03Zoe Lofgren (D)73% - 27%CA 19 Candidates
CA 20Solid Blue03/03Jimmy Panetta (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 21Battle03/03TJ Cox (D)
51% - 49%David Valadao (R)
CA 22Tilts Red03/03Devin Nunes (R)55% - 45%CA 22 Candidates
CA 23Solid Red03/03Kevin McCarthy (R)65% - 35%CA 23 Candidates
CA 24Tilts Blue03/03Salud Carbajal (D)57% - 42%N/A
CA 25Tilts Blue03/03Vacant53% - 47%CA 25 Candidates
CA 26Solid Blue03/03Julia Brownley (D)60% - 40%N/A
CA 27Solid Blue03/03Judy Chu (D)No R enteredJohnny Nalbandian (R)
CA 28Solid Blue03/03Adam Schiff (D)78% - 22%CA 28 Candidates
CA 29Solid Blue03/03Tony Cardenis (D)80% - 20%N/A
CA 30Solid Blue03/03Brad Sherman (D)72% - 28%N/A
CA 31Likely Blue03/03Pete Aguilar (D)57% - 43%N/A
CA 32Solid Blue03/03Grace Napolitana (D)67% - 33%N/A
CA 33Solid Blue03/03Ted Lieu (D)69% - 31%CA 33 Candidates
CA 34Solid Blue03/03Jimmy Gomez (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 35Solid Blue03/03Norma Torres (D)68% - 32%N/A
CA 36Solid Blue03/03Paul Ruiz (D)67% - 43%N/A
CA 37Solid Blue03/03Karen Bass (D)89% - 11%N/A
CA 38Solid Blue03/03Linda Sanchez (D)67% - 33%N/A
CA 39Battle03/03Gil Cisneros (D)
50.2% - 49.8%CA 39 Candidates
CA 40Solid Blue03/03Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 41Solid Blue03/03Mark Takano (D)61% - 39%N/A
CA 42Solid Red03/03Ken Calvert (R)59% - 41%CA 42 Candidates
CA 43Solid Blue03/03Maxine Waters (D)77% - 23%CA 43 Candidates
CA 44Solid Blue03/03Nanette Barrigan (D)No R enteredN/A
CA 45Battle03/03Katie Porter (D)
51% - 49.%CA 45 Candidates
CA 46Solid Blue03/03Lou Correa (D)65% - 35%James Waters (R)
CA 47Solid Blue03/03Alan Lowenthal (D)64% - 36%Amy West (R)
CA 48Battle03/03Harley Rouda (D)
52% - 48%CA 48 Candidates
CA 49Tilts Blue03/03Mike Levin (D)
55% - 45%CA 49 Candidates
CA 50Tilts Red03/03Duncan Hunter (R)52% - 48%Larry Wilske (R)
FEC File
Carl DeMaio (R)
CA 51Solid Blue03/03Juan Vargas (D)69% - 31%N/A
CA 52Solid Blue03/03Scott Peters (D)63% - 37%Famela Saldana Ramos (R)
CA 53Solid Blue03/03Susan Davis (D)
67% - 33%N/A
CO 01Solid Blue06/30Diane DeGette (D)72% - 26%N/A
CO 02Solid Blue06/30Joe Deguse (D)60% - 24%N/A
CO 03Tilts Red06/30Scott Tipton (R)52% - 43%CO 03 Candidates
CO 04Solid Red06/30Ken Buck (R)61% - 39%CO 04 Candidates
CO 05Solid Red06/30Doug Lamborn (R)58% - 38%CO 05 Candidates
CO 06Tilts Blue06/30Jason Crow (D)
54% - 43%Colorado 06 Candidates
CO 07Solid Blue06/30Ed Perlmutter (D)60% - 36%N/A
CO SenBattle06/30Cory Gardner (R)48% - 46%CO Senate Candidates
CT 01Solid Blue08/11John Larson (D)64% - 35%N/A
CT 02Solid Blue08/11Joe Courtney (D)62% - 36%Justin Anderson (R)
CT 03Solid Blue08/11Rosa D. DeLauro (D)64% - 36%N/A
CT 04Solid Blue08/11Jim Himes (D)61% - 39%N/A
CT 05Likely Blue08/11Jahana Hayes (D)56% - 44%N/A
DE GovSolid Blue09/15John Carney (D)58% - 39%N/A
DE HouseSolid Blue09/15Lisa Rochester (D)64% - 36%Lee Murphy (R)
DE SenLikely Blue09/15Chris Coons (D)56% - 42%N/A
FL 01Solid Red08/18Matt Gaetz (R)67% - 33%FL 01 Candidates
FL 02Solid Red08/18Neal Dunn (R)67% - 33%FL 02 Candidates
FL 03Solid Red08/18Ted Yoho (R)58% - 42%FL 03 Candidates
FL 04Solid Red08/18John Rutherford (R)65% - 32%FL 04 Candidates
FL 05Solid Blue08/18Al Lawson (D)67% - 33%FL 05 Candidates
FL 06Likely Red08/18Michael Waltz (R)56% - 44%FL 06 Candidates
FL 07Likely Blue08/18Stephanie Murphy (D)58% - 42%FL 07 Candidates
FL 08Solid Red08/18Bill Posey (R)60% - 40%FL 08 Candidates
FL 09Likely Blue08/18Darrren Soto (D)58% - 42%FL 09 Candidates
FL 10Solid Blue08/18Val Demings (D)No R enteredFL 10 Candidates
FL 11Solid Red08/18Daniel Webster (R)65% - 35%FL 11 Candidates
FL 12Solid Red08/18Gus Bilirakis (R)58% - 40%FL 12 Candidates
FL 13Tilts Blue08/18Charlie Crist (D)58% - 42%FL 13 Candidates
FL 14Solid Blue08/18Kathy Castor (D)No R enteredEdgar Chase (R)
FL 15Tilts Red08/18Ross Spano (R)53% - 47%Fl 15 Candidates
FL 16Tilts Red08/18Vern Buchanan (R)55% - 45%FL 16 Candidates
FL 17Solid Red08/18Greg Steube (R)62% - 38%FL 17 Candidates
FL 18Tilts Red08/18Brian Mast (R)54% - 46%FL 18 Candidates
FL 19Solid Red08/18Francis Rooney (R)62% - 38%FL 19 Candidates
FL 20Solid Blue08/18Alcee Hastings (D)No R enteredFL 20 Candidates
FL 21Solid Blue08/18Lois Frankel (D)No R enteredFL 21 Candidates
FL 22Solid Blue08/18Ted Deutch (D)62% - 38%Dr. Joe Smith (R)
FL 23Solid Blue08/18Debbie W. Schultz (D)58% - 38% FL 23 Candidates
FL 24Solid Blue08/18Frederica Wilson (D)No R enteredN/A
FL 25Solid Red08/18Mario Diaz Balart (R)60% - 40%FL 25 Candidates
FL 26Battle08/18Debbie M. Powell (D)
51% - 49%FL 26 Candidates
FL 27Tilts Blue08/18Donna Shalala (D)
52% - 46% FL 27 Candidates
FL State HD 82Pending08/25MaryLynn Magar (R)
Term Limited
62% - 38%John Snyder (R)
GA 01Likely Red05/19Buddy Carter (R)
58% - 42%Daniel Merritt (R)
GA 02Solid Blue05/19Sanford Bishop (D)60% - 40%N/A
GA 03Solid Red05/19Drew Ferguson (R)66% - 34%Drew Ferguson (R)
GA 04Solid Blue05/19Hank Johnson (D)79% - 21%N/A
GA 05Solid Blue05/19John Lewis (D)No R enteredN/A
GA 06Battle05/19Lucy McBath (D) flipped50.5% - 49.5%GA 06 Candidates
GA 07Battle05/19Rob Woodall (R)
50.1% - 49.9%GA 07 Candidates
GA 08Solid Red05/19Austin Scott (R)No D enteredAustin Scott (R)
GA 09Solid Red05/19Doug Collins (R)80% - 20%Doug Collins (R)
GA 10Solid Red05/19Jody Hice (R)63% - 37%Jody Hice (R)
GA 11Solid Red05/19Barry Loudermilk (R)62% - 38%Barry Loudermilk (R)
GA 12Solid Red05/19Rick Allen (R)60% - 40%Rick Allen (R)
GA 13Solid Blue05/19David Scott (D)76% - 24%N/A
GA 14Solid Red05/19Tom Graves (R)
76% - 24%Marjorie Taylor Greene
GA SenTilts Red05/19David Perdue (R)52% - 45%David Perdue (R)
GA Sen 2Tilts Red05/19Johnny Isakson (R)
54.8% - 41%TBD
HI 01Solid Blue08/08Ed Case (D)73% - 23%N/A
HI 02Solid Blue08/08Tulsi Gabbard (D)
running for President
77% - 23%N/A
IA 01Battle06/02Abby Finkenauer (D)
51% - 46%IA 01 Candidates
IA 02Tilts Blue06/02Dave Loebsack (D)
55% - 42%IA 02 Candidates
IA 03Battle06/02Cindy Axne (D) flipped49% - 47%IA 03 Candidates
IA 04Tilts Red06/02Steve King (R)50% - 47% Steve King (R)
Randy Feenstra (R)
Bret Richards (R)
Jeremy Taylor (R)
IA SenTilts Red06/02Joni Ernst (R)52% - 43%Joni Ernst (R)
ID 01Solid Red05/19Russ Fulcher (R)63% - 30%Russ Fulcher (R)
ID 02Solid Red05/19Michael Simpson (R)61% - 39%Michael Simpson (R)
ID SenSolid Red05/19Jim Risch (R)
65% - 34%Jim Risch (R)
IL 01Solid Blue03/17Bobby Rush (D)73% - 20%Philanise White (R)
IL 02Solid Blue03/17Robin Kelly (D)81% - 19%Theresa Raborn (R)
IL 03Solid Blue03/17Dan Lipinski (D)73% - 27%Mike Fricilone (R)
IL 04Solid Blue03/17Chuy Garcia (D)90% - 10%N/A
IL 05Solid Blue03/17Mike Quigley (D)78% - 22%N/A
IL 06Tilts Blue03/17Sean Casten (D)
53% - 47%Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)
Jeanne Ives (R)
IL 07Solid Blue03/17Danny Davis (D)88% - 12%N/A
IL 08Solid Blue03/17Raja Krishnamoorthi (D)66% - 34%N/A
IL 09Solid Blue03/17Jan Schakowsky (D)85% - 15%N/A
IL 10Solid Blue03/17Brad Schneider (D)65% - 35%Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee (R)
IL 11Solid Blue03/17Bill Foster (D)64% - 36%Rick Laib (R)
IL 12Tilts Red03/17Mike Bost (R)52% - 45%Mike Bost (R)
IL 13Battle03/17Rodney Davis (R)50% - 49%Rodney Davis (R)
IL 14Battle03/17Lauren Underwood (D) flipped52% - 48%IL 14 Candidates
IL 15Solid Red03/17John Shimkus (R)
71% - 29%See all 9
IL 16Solid Red03/17Adam Kinzinger (R)
60% - 40%Adam Kinzinger (R)
IL 17Solid Blue03/17Cheri Bustos (D)62% - 38%IL 17 Candidates
IL 18Solid Red03/17Darin LaHood (R)67% - 33%Darin LaHood (R)
IL SenTilts Blue03/17Dick Durbin (D)53% - 42%IL Senate Candidates
IN 01Solid Blue05/05Peter Visclowsky (D)65% - 35%N/A
IN 02Tilts Red05/05Jackie Walorski (R)55% - 45%Jackie Walorski (R)
IN 03Solid Red05/05Jim Banks (R)65% - 35%Jim Banks (R)
Dr. Chris Magiera(R)
IN 04Solid Red05/05Jim Baird (R)64% - 36%Jim Baird (R)
IN 05Tilts Red05/05Susan Brooks (R)
57% - 43%Kelly Mitchell
Micah Beckwith
Beth Henderson
Chuck Dietzen
Mark Small
Daniel Niederberger
Kent Abernathy
Andrew Bales
IN 06Solid Red05/05Greg Pence (R)64% - 33% Greg Pence (R)
IN 07Solid Blue05/05Andre Carson (D)65% - 35%Wayne Harmon (R)
IN 08Solid Red05/05Larry Bucshon (R)64% - 36%Larry Bucshon (R)
IN 09Likely Red05/05Trey Hollingsworth (R)59% - 41%Trey Hollingsworth (R)
IN GovTilts Red05/05Eric Holcomb (R)53% - 46%Eric Holcomb (R)
KS 01Solid Red08/04Roger Marshall (R)
OPEN (Running for Senate)
68% - 32%Roger Marshall (R)
Senate Campaign
KS 02Tilts Red08/04Steve Watkins (R)48% - 46%Steve Watkins (R)
KS 03Tilts Blue08/04Sharice Davids (D)
53% - 44% Sara Hart Wier (R)
KS 04Solid Red08/04Ron Estes (R)60% - 40%Ron Estes (R)
KS SenLikely Red08/04Pat Roberts (R)
53% - 42%KS Senate Candidates
KY 01Solid Red05/19James Comer (R)69% - 31%James Comer (R)
KY 02Solid Red05/19Brett Guthrie (R)67% - 31% Brett Guthrie (R)
KY 03Solid Blue05/19John Yarmuth (D)62% - 37%N/A
KY 04Solid Red05/19Thomas Massie (R)62% - 34%Thomas Massie (R)
KY 05Solid Red05/19Hal Rogers (R)79% - 21%Hal Rogers (R)
KY 06Tilts Red05/19Andy Barr (R)51% - 48% Andy Barr (R)
KY SenLikely Red05/19Mitch McConnell (R)56% - 40%C. Wesley Morgan (R)
Paul Frangedakis (R)
LA 01Solid Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Steve Scalise (R)71% - 26% Steve Scalise (R)
LA 02Solid Blue11/03
12/05 Runoff
Cedric Richmond (D)No R enteredN/A
LA 03Solid Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Clay Higgins (R)56% - 30%Clay Higgins (R)
LA 04Solid Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Mike Johnson (R)64% - 34% Mike Johnson (R)
LA 05Solid Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Ralph Abraham (R)66% - 30% Ralph Abraham (R)
LA 06Solid Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Garret Graves (R)69% - 28%Garret Graves (R)
LA SenLikely Red11/03
12/05 Runoff
Bill Cassidy (R)56% - 44%Bill's FEC File
MA 01Solid Blue09/15Richard Neal (D)No R enteredJohn Cain (R)
MA 02Solid Blue09/15Jim McGovern (D)67% - 33%N/A
MA 03Solid Blue09/15Lori Trahan (D)62% - 33% *N/A
MA 04Solid Blue09/15Joseph Kennedy (D)No R enteredN/A
MA 05Solid Blue09/15Katherine Clark (D)76% - 24%N/A
MA 06Solid Blue09/15Seth Moulton (D)65% - 31%N/A
MA 07Solid Blue09/15Ayanna Pressley (D)No R enteredN/A
MA 08Solid Blue09/15Stephen Lynch (D)No R enteredN/A
MA 09Solid Blue09/15Bill Keating (D)59% - 40%N/A
MA SenSolid Blue09/15ED Markey (D)62% - 36%Shiva Ayyadurai (R)
MD 01Solid Red04/28Andrew Harris (R)60% - 38%MD 01 Candidates
MD 02Solid Blue04/28Dutch Ruppersberger (D)66% - 31%MD 02 Candidates
MD 03Solid Blue04/28John Sarbanes (D)68% - 28%Charles Anthony (R)
Evan Cronhardt (R)
MD 04Solid Blue04/28Anthony Brown (D)77% - 20%Eric Loeb (R)
George McDermott (R)
MD 05Solid Blue04/28Steny Hoyer (D)69% - 27%Brian Duvall Cubero (R)
MD 06Solid Blue04/28David Trone (D)59% - 38%Neil Parrott (R)
MD 07Solid Blue04/28OPEN76% - 22%Kim Klacik (R)
MD 07
Special Election
Solid Blue02/04/20 Primary
04/28/20 General
OPEN76% - 22%Kim Klacik (R)
MD 08Solid Blue04/28Jamie Raskin (D)67% - 31%Michael Yadeta (R)
ME 01Solid Blue06/09Chellie Pingree (D)59% - 32%Jay Allen (R)
ME 02Battle06/09Jared Golden (D)
50% - 49%Eric Brakey (R)
Dale Crafts (R)
Adrienne Bennett (R)
ME SenBattle06/09Susan Collins (R)
Vote Out List
67% - 33%ME Senate
MI 01Tilts Red08/04Jack Bergman (R)56% - 43%Jack Bergman (R)
MI 02Tilts Red08/04Bill Huizenga (R)55% - 43%Bill Huizenga (R)
MI 03Tilts Red08/04Justin Amash (R)
55% - 42%MI 03 Candidates
MI 04Solid Red08/04John Moolenaar (R)62% - 37%John Moolenaar (R)
MI 05Solid Blue08/04Dan Kildee (D)59% - 37%N/A
MI 06Tilts Red08/04Fred Upton (R)
Vote Out List
50% - 46%MI 06 Candidates
MI 07Tilts Red08/04Tim Walberg (R)54% - 46%MI 07 Candidates
MI 08Battle08/04Elissa Slotkin (D)
50% - 47%Nicolette Snyder (R)
Mike Detmer (R)
MI 09Solid Blue08/04Andy Levin (D)59% - 36%N/A
MI 10Solid Red08/04Paul Mitchell (R)
60% - 35%MI 10 Candidates
MI 11Tilts Blue08/04Haley Stevens (D)
52% - 45%Whitney Williams (R)
MI 12Solid Blue08/04Debbie Dingall (D)68% - 28%N/A
MI 13Solid Blue08/04Rashida Tlaib (D)No R enteredDavid Dudenhoefer (R)
MI 14Solid Blue08/04Brenda Lawrence (D)81% - 17%N/A
MI SenTilts Blue08/04Gary Peters (D)55% - 41%John James (R)
MN 01Tilts Red08/11Jim Hagedorn (R)
50% - 49%Jim Hagedorn (R)
MN 02Tilts Blue08/11Angie Craig (D)
52% - 47%Richard Olson (R)
MN 03Tilts Blue08/11Dean Phillips (D)
55% - 44%Kendall Qualls (R)
FEC File
MN 04Solid Blue08/11Betty McCollum (D)66% - 29%Travis James Ekbom (R)
Greg Ryan (R)
MN 05Solid Blue08/11Ilhan Omar (D)78% D 21% RMN 05 Candidates
MN 06Solid Red08/11Tom Emmer (R)61% - 38%MN 06 Candidates
MN 07Battle08/11Collin Peterson (D)52% - 47%MN 07 Candidates
MN 08Tilts Red08/11Pete Stauber (R) flipped50% - 45%Joel Novack (R)
MN SenTilts Blue08/11Tina Smith (D)53% - 42%Jason Lewis (R)
Rob Barrett Jr. (R)
Forest Hyatt (R)
MS 01Solid Red03/10Trent Kelly (R)67% - 32%Trent Kelly (R)
MS 02Solid Blue03/10Bennie Thompson (D)No R enteredN/A
MS 03Solid Red03/10Michael Guest (R)63% - 36%Michael Guest (R)
MS 04Solid Red03/10Steve Palazzo (R)69% - 29%Samuel Hickman (R)
MS SenLikely Red03/10Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)
54% - 45%Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)
MO 01Solid Blue08/04William L. Clay (D)80% - 16%N/A
MO 02Tilts Red08/04Ann Wagner (R)51% - 47%Ann Wagner (R)
MO 03Solid Red08/04Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)65% - 32%Adela Wisdom (R)
MO 04Solid Red08/04Vicky Hartzler (R)64% - 32%Vicky Hartzler (R)
MO 05Solid Blue08/04Emanuel Cleaver (D)61% - 35%N/A
MO 06Solid Red08/04Sam Graves (R)65% - 32%Sam Graves (R)
MO 07Solid Red08/04Billy Long (R)66% - 30%Eric Harleman (R)
MO 08Solid Red08/04Jason Smith (R)73% - 24%Jason Smith (R)
MO GovLikely Red08/04Mike Parson (R)55% - 39%Mike Parson (R)
MT GovBattle06/02Steve Bullock (D)
Running for President
50% - 46%Greg Gianforte (R)
Tim Fox (R)
Albert Olszewski (R)
Gary Perry (R)
MT HouseTilts Red06/02Greg Gianforte (R)
51% - 46%Matt Rosendale (R)
Corey Stapleton (R)
Joe Dooling (R)
Timothy Johnson (R)
MT SenSolid Red06/02Steve Daines (R)58% - 40%Steve Daines (R)
NC 01Solid Blue03/03G.K. Butterfield (D)60% - 30%N/A
NC 02Tilts Red03/03George Holding (R)51% - 45%George Holding (R)
NC 03Solid Red03/03Greg Murphy (R)
No D enteredNC 03 Candidates
NC 04Solid Blue03/03David Price (D)72% - 24%Steve Von Loor (R)
NC 05Likely Red03/03Virginia Foxx (R)57% - 42%Virginia Foxx (R)
NC 06Solid Red03/03Mark Walker (R)66% - 43%Mark Walker (R)
NC 07Tilts Red03/03David Rouzer (R)55% - 42%Peter D' Abrosca (R)
NC 08Tilts Red03/03Richard Hudson (R)55% - 44%Richard Hudson (R)
NC 09Battle03/03Dan Bishop (R)51% - 49%Dan Bishop (R)
NC 10Solid Red03/03Patrick McHenry (R)59% - 40%Patrick McHenry (R)
NC 11Solid Red03/03Mark Meadows (R)59% - 38%Mark Meadows (R)
NC 12Solid Blue03/03Alma Adams (D)73% - 27%N/A
NC 13Tilts Red03/03Ted Budd (R)51% - 45%Ted Budd (R)
NC GovBattle03/03Roy Cooper (D)49% - 48%Dan Forest (R)
Holly Grange (R)
NC SenTilts Red03/03Thom Tillis (R)
48% - 47%NC Senate Candidates
ND GovSolid Red06/09Doug Burgum (R)76% - 17%Doug Burgum (R)
ND HouseLikely Red06/09Kelly Armstrong (R)50% - 35%Kelly Armstrong (R)
NE 01Solid Red05/12Jeff Fortenberry (R)60% - 40%Jeff Fortenberry (R)
NE 02Battle05/12Don Bacon (R)51% - 49%Don Bacon (R)
NE 03Solid Red05/12Adrian Smith (R)76% - 23%Adrian Smith (R)
Larry Bolinger (R)
NE SenSolid Red05/12Ben Sasse (R)64% - 31%Ben Sasse (R)
NH 01Tilts Blue09/08Chris Pappas (D)55% - 43%N/A
NH 02Tilts Blue09/08Annie Kuster (D)55% - 42%Steve Negron (R)
NH GovTilts Red09/08Chris Sununu (R)49% - 47%Chris Sununu (R)
NH SenTilts Blue09/08Jeanne Shaheen (D)51% - 48%Don Bouldoc (R)
Bill O'Brien (R)
Bryant Messner (R)
NJ 01Solid Blue06/02Donald Norcross (D)64% - 33%Josh Duvall (R)
NJ 02Battle06/02Jeff Van Drew (R)
former D!
52% - 46%Brian Fitzherbert (R)
David Richter (R)
NJ 03Battle06/02Andy Kim (D)
NJ 04Tilts Red06/02Chris Smith (R)
Vote Out List
56% - 43%Chris Smith (R)
NJ 05Tilts Blue06/02Josh Gottheimer (D)55% - 44%James Baldini (R)
Mike Ghassali (R)
John McCann (R) 
Frank Pallotta (R)
John Dalrymple (R)
NJ 06Likely Blue06/02Frank Pallone (D)63% - 47%N/A
NJ 07Tilts Blue06/02Tom Malinowski (D)
53% - 47%Tom Kean Jr. (R)
Tom Phillips (R)
Rosemary Becchi (R)
NJ 08Solid Blue06/02Albio Sires
78% - 19%N/A
NJ 09Solid Blue06/02Bill Pascrell (D)70% - 29%N/A
NJ 10Solid Blue06/02Donald Payne Jr. (D)87% - 10%Ana Rivera (R)
NJ 11Tilts Blue06/02Mikie Sherrill (D)
56% - 42%N/A
NJ 12Solid Blue06/02Bonnie W. Coleman (D)68% - 32%Mark Razzoli (R)
NJ SenTilts Blue06/02Cory Booker (D) running for President55% - 42%Tricia Flanagan (R)
Hirsh Singe (R)
NM 01Solid Blue06/02Debra Haaland (D)59% - 36%Brett Kokinadis (R)
NM 02Battle06/02Xochitl T. Small (D)
50% - 49%Yvette Herrell (R)
Chris Mathys (R)
NM 03Solid Blue06/02Ben Ray Lujan (D)
Running for Sen
63% - 31%Audra Lee Brown (R)
Karen Bedonie (R)
Alexis Johnson (R)
NM SenTilts Blue06/02Tom Udall (D)
56% - 44%NM Senate Candidates
NV 01Solid Blue06/09Dina Titus (D)66% - 31%N/A
NV 02Likely Red06/09Mark Amodei (R)58% - 41%Mark Amodei (R)
NV 03Tilts Blue06/09Susan Lee (D)51% - 42%Annette Teijeiro (R)
Dan Schwartz (R)
Daniel Rodimer (R)
Tiger Helgelien (R)
NV 04Tilts Blue06/09Steven Horsford (D)52% - 43%NV 04 Candidates
NY 01Tilts Blue06/23Lee Zeldin (R)53% - 45%Lee Zeldin (R)
NY 02Tilts Red06/23Peter King (R)53% - 46%Peter King (R)
NY 03Likely Blue06/23Tom Suozzi (D)58% - 41%N/A
NY 04Solid Blue06/23Kathleen Rice (D)61% - 39%N/A
NY 05Solid Blue06/23Gregory W. Meeks (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 06Solid Blue06/23Grace Meng (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 07Solid Blue06/23Nydia Velequez (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 08Solid Blue06/23Hakeem Jeffries (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 09Solid Blue06/23Yvette D. Clark (D)89% - 10%N/A
NY 10Solid Blue06/23Jerrold Nadler (D)81% - 18%Jeanne Nigro (R)
NY 11Battle06/23Max Rose (D) flipped52% - 46%NY 11 Candidates
NY 12Solid Blue06/23Carolyn B. Maloney (D)86% - 12%N/A
NY 13Solid Blue06/23Adriano Espaillat (D)94% - 05%N/A
NY 14Solid Blue06/23Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)77% - 13%NY 14 Candidates
NY 15Solid Blue06/23Jose` Serrano (D)
96% - 04%N/A
NY 16Solid Blue06/23Eliot Engel (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 17Solid Blue06/23Nita Lowy (D)No R enteredN/A
NY 18Tilts Blue06/23Sean Maloney (D)55% - 44%Chele Farley (R)
NY 19Battle06/23Antonio Delgado (D)
50% - 47%Michael Roth (R) 
Ola Hawatmeh (R)
Anthony German (R)
NY 20Solid Blue06/23Paul Tonka (D)66% - 33%Liz Joy (R)
NY 21Tilts Red06/23Elise Stefanik (R)
Vote Out List
56% - 41%Elise Stefanik (R)
NY 22Battle06/23Anthony Brindisi (D)
50% - 49%George Phillips (R)
Franklin Sager (R)
Stephen Cornwell (R)
NY 23Tilts Red06/23Tom Reed (R)55% - 45%Tom Reed (R)
Casey McDonald (R)
NY 24Tilts Red06/23John Katko (R)
Vote Out List
53% - 46%John Katko (R)
NY 25Likely Blue06/23Joseph Morelle (D)58% - 41%N/A
NY 26Solid Blue06/23Brian Higgins (D)73% - 27%N/A
NY 27Tilts Red06/23Vacant49% - 48%Chris Jacobs (R)
See All
OH 01Tilts Red03/17Steve Chabot (R)51% - 46%Steve Chabot (R)
OH 02Likely Red03/17Brad Wenstrup (R)57% - 41%Brad Wenstrup (R)
OH 03Solid Blue03/17Joyce Beatty (D)73% - 26%Andrew Littler (R)
OH 04Solid Red03/17Jim Jordan (R)65% - 34%Jim Jordan (R)
OH 05Solid Red03/17Bob Latta (R)63% - 34%Bob Latta (R)
OH 06Solid Red03/17Bill Johnson (R)69% - 30%Bill Johnson (R)
OH 07Likely Red03/17Bob Gibbs (R)58% - 41%Bob Gibbs (R)
OH 08Solid Red03/17Warren Davidson (R)66% - 33%Warren Davidson (R)
OH 09Solid Blue03/17Marcy Kaptor (D)67% - 32%N/A
OH 10Likely Red03/17Michael Turner (R)56% - 41%Michael Turner (R)
OH 11Solid Blue03/17Marcia Fudge (D)82% - 18%N/A
OH 12Tilts Red03/17Troy Balderson (R)51% - 47%Troy Balderson (R)
OH 13Solid Blue03/17Tim Ryan (D)60% - 39%OH 13 Candidates
OH 14Tilts Red03/17David Joyce (R)55% - 44%David Joyce (R)
OH 15Solid Red03/17Steve Stivers (R)58% - 39%Steve Stivers (R)
OH 16Tilts Red03/17Anthony Gonzalez (R)56% - 43%Anthony Gonzalez (R)
OK 01Solid Red06/30Kevin Hern (R)59% - 40%Kevin Hern (R)
OK 02Solid Red06/30Markwayne Mullin (R)65% - 30%Markwayne Mullin (R)
OK 03Solid Red06/30Frank Lucas (R)73% - 46%Frank Lucas (R)
OK 04Solid Red06/30Tom Cole (R)66% - 33%Tom Cole (R)
OK 05Battle06/30Kendra Horn (D)
50% - 49%
Trump -
OK 05 Candidates
OK SenSolid Red06/30Jim Inhofe (R)68% - 28%Jim Inhofe (R)
OR 01Solid Blue05/19Suzanne Bonamiki (D)63% - 32%N/A
OR 02Likely Red05/19Greg Walden (R)
56% - 39%See all
OR 03Solid Blue05/19Ed Blumenauer (D)60% - 16%Thomas Harrison (R)
OR 04Likely Blue05/19Peter DeFazio (D)55% - 41%Jo Rae Perkins (R)
Alek Skarlatos (R)
FEC File
OR 05Tilts Blue05/19Kurt Scrhader (D)55% - 42%Angela Roman (R)
OR SenSolid Blue05/19Jeff Merkley (D)56% - 36%N/A
PA 01Battle04/28Brian Fitzpatrick (R)
51% - 48%Andrew Meehan (R)
PA 02Solid Blue04/28Brendan Boyle (D)78% - 21%N/A
PA 03Solid Blue04/28Dwight Evans (D)93% - 06%N/A
PA 04Solid Blue04/28Madeliene Dean (D)63% - 36%N/A
PA 05Solid Blue04/28Mary Scanlon (D)
65% - 34%Joseph Billie (R)
PA 06Likely Blue04/28Chrissy Houlahan (D)
58% - 41%John Emmons (R)
Tom Siedenbuehl (R)
PA 07Tilts Blue04/28Susan Wild (D)
54% - 42%Dean Browning (R)
PA 08Battle04/28Matt Cartwright (D)54% - 45%Teddy Daniels (R)
PA 09Solid Red04/28Dan Meuser (R)61% - 38%Dan Meuser (R)
PA 10Tilts Red04/28Scott Perry (R)51% - 48%Scott Perry (R)
Robert Jeffries (R)
PA 11Solid Red04/28Lloyd Smucker (R)59% - 41%Lloyd Smucker (R)
PA 12Solid Red04/28Fred Keller (R)68% - 32%Fred Keller (R)
PA 13Solid Red04/28John Joyce (R)70% - 29%John Joyce (R)
PA 14Likely Red04/28Guy Reschenthaler (R)
58% - 42%Guy Reschenthaler (R)
PA 15Solid Red04/28Glenn Thompson (R)67% - 32%Glenn Thompson (R)
PA 16Tilts Red04/28Mike Kelly (R)51% - 47%Mike Kelly (R)
PA 17Tilts Blue04/28Conor Lamb (D)
56% - 43%Sean Parnell (R)
Scott Timko (R)
PA 18Solid Blue04/28Michael Doyle (D)No R enteredDon Nevills (R)

Donald J. Trump
304 EC Votes
RI 01Solid Blue09/08David Cicilline (D)67% - 33%Frederick Wysocki (R)
RI 02Solid Blue09/08James Langevin (D)63% - 36%N/A
RI SenSolid Blue09/08Sheldon Whitehouse (D)61% - 38%N/A
SC 01Battle06/09Joe Cunningham (D) flipped50% - 49%SC 01 Candidates
SC 02Tilts Red06/09Joe Wilson (R)56% - 42%Joe Wilson (R)
SC 03Solid Red06/09Jeff Duncan (R)67% - 31%Jeff Duncan (R)
SC 04Solid Red06/09William Timmons (R)59% - 36%William Timmons (R)
SC 05Likely Red06/09Ralph Norman (R)57% - 41%Ralph Norman (R)
SC 06Solid Blue06/09Jim Clyburn (D)70% - 28%N/A
SC 07Solid Red06/09Tom Rice (R)59% - 40%Tom Rice (R)
SC SenLikely Red06/09Lindsey Graham (R)55% - 47%SC Senate Candidates
SD HouseSolid Red06/02Dusty Johnson (R)60% - 36%Dusty Johnson (R)
SD SenSolid Red06/02Mike Rounds (R)50% - 29%Mike Rounds (R)
Scyller Borglum (R)
TN 01Solid Red08/06Phil Roe (R)77% - 21%Phil Roe (R)
TN 02Solid Red08/06Tim Burchett (R)65% - 33%Tim Burchett (R)
TN 03Solid Red08/06Charles Fleischmann (R)63% - 32%Charles Fleischmann (R)
TN 04Solid Red08/06Scott DesJarlais (R)63% - 33%Scott DesJarlais (R)
TN 05Solid Blue08/06Jim Cooper (D)67% - 32%N/A
TN 06Solid Red08/06John Rose (R)69% - 28%John Rose (R)
TN 07Solid Red08/06Mark Green (R)66% - 32%Mark Green (R)
TN 08Solid Red08/06David Kustoff (R)67% - 30%David Kustoff (R)
TN 09Solid Blue08/06Steve Cohen (D)80% - 19%Charlotte Bergmann (R)
TN SenSolid Red08/06Lamar Alexander (R)
62% - 31%TN Senate Candidates
TX 01Solid Red03/03Louie Gohmert (R)72% - 26%Louie Gohmert (R)
TX 02Tilts Red03/03Dan Crenshaw (R)52% - 45%Dan Crenshaw (R)
TX 03Tilts Red03/03Van Taylor (R)54% - 44%Van Taylor (R)
TX 04Solid Red03/03John Ratcliffe (R)75% - 23%John Ratcliffe (R)
TX 05Solid Red03/03Lance Gooden (R)
62% - 37%Lance Gooden (R)
TX 06Tilts Red03/03Ronald Wright (R)53% - 45%Ronald Wright (R)
TX 07Tilts Blue03/03Lizzie Fletcher (D)
53% - 47%TX 07 Candidates
TX 08Solid Red03/03Kevin Brady (R)73% - 24%Kevin Brady (R)
TX 09Solid Blue03/03Al Green (D)No R enteredN/A
TX 10Tilts Red03/03Michael McCaul (R)51% - 46%Michael McCaul (R)
TX 11Solid Red03/03Mike Conaway (R)
80% - 18%Ross Schumann (R)
J. Ross Lacy (R)
TX 12Solid Red03/03Kay Granger (R)64% - 33%Kay Granger (R)
TX 13Solid Red03/03Mac Thornberry (R)81% - 16%Mac Thornberry (R)
TX 14Solid Red03/03Randy Weber (R)59% - 39%Randy Weber (R)
TX 15Solid Blue03/03Vincente Gonzalez (D)59% - 38%N/A
TX 16Solid Blue03/03Veronica Escobar (D)68% - 27%TX 16 Candidates
TX 17Likely Red03/03Bill Flores (R)
56% - 41%TBD
TX 18Solid Blue03/03Sheila J Lee (D)75% - 20%Ava Pate (R)
Wendall Champion (R)
TX 19Solid Red03/03Jodey Arrington (R)75% - 24%Jodey Arrington (R)
TX 20Solid Blue03/03Joaquin Castro (D)No R enteredDan McQueen (R)
FEC File
TX 21Tilts Red03/03Chip Roy (R)50% - 47%Chip Roy (R)
TX 22Tilts Red03/03Pete Olson (R)
51% - 47%TX 22 Candidates
TX 23Battle03/03Will Hurd (R)
49% - 47%Alma A. Lynch (R)
Tony Gonzales (R)
Raul Reyes Jr. (R)
See All
TX 24Tilts Red03/03Kenny Marchant (R)
50% - 47%David Fegan (R)
Beth Van Duyne (R)
TX 25Tilts Red03/03Roger Williams (R)53% - 44%Roger Williams (R)
TX 26Solid Red03/03Michael Burgess (R)59% - 39%Michael Burgess (R)
Jack Wyman (R)
TX 27Solid Red03/03Michael Cloud (R)60% - 36%Michael Cloud (R)
TX 28Solid Blue03/03Henry Cuellar (D)No R enteredSandra Whitten (R)
Video  start at 9:50
TX 29Solid Blue03/03Sylvia Garcia (D)75% - 23%N/A
TX 30Solid Blue03/03Eddie B Johnson (D)No R enteredDemetrick Pennie (R)
TX 31Tilts Red03/03John Carter (R)50% - 47%John Carter (R)
John Bohlin (R)
Abhiram Garapati (R)
TX 32Tilts Blue03/03Colin Allred (D) flipped52% - 45%Tania Burgess (R)
Floyd Mclendon Jr. (R)
Mark Dumdei (R)
Genevieve Collins (R)
TX 33Solid Blue03/03Mark Veasey (D)76% - 21%Richard Helms (R)
TX 34Solid Blue03/03Filemon Vila (D)60% - 40%N/A
TX 35Solid Blue03/03Llotd Doggett (D)71% - 26%N/A
TX 36Solid Red03/03Brian Babin (R)72% - 27%RJ Boatman (R)
TX SenSolid Red03/03John Cornyn (R)61% - 34%John Cornyn (R)
Mark Yancey (R)

Dwayne Stovall (R)
UT 01Solid Red06/23Rob Bishop (R)
61% - 24%Tina Cannon (R)
Katie Witt (R)
UT 02Solid Red06/23Chris Stewart (R)56% - 38%Chris Stewart (R)
Tyrone Jensen (R)
Mary Burkett (R)
UT 03Solid Red06/23John Curtis (R)67% - 27%John Curtis (R)
UT 04Battle06/23Ben McAdams (D)
50% - 49%Burgess Owens (R)
Kathleen Anderson (R)
Dan Hemmert (R)
Kim Coleman (R)
Jay McFarland (R)
John Molnar (R)
UT GovSolid Red06/23Gary Herbert (R)
66% - 28%Spencer Cox (R)
Greg Hughes (R)
Jeff Burningham (R)
VT HouseSolid Blue08/11Peter Welch (D)69% - 26%N/A
VT GovTilts Red03/03Phil Scott (R)54% - 40%Phil Scott (R)
VA 01Tilts Red06/09Rob Wittman (R)55% - 44%Rob Wittman (R)
VA 02Battle06/09Elaine Luria (D)
51% - 49%Scott Taylor
Andy Bann
Jarome Bell
Ben Loyola
VA 03Solid Blue06/09Bobby Scott (D)No R enteredN/A
VA 04Solid Blue06/09Donald McEachin (D)62% - 36%N/A
VA 05Tilts Red06/09Denver Riggleman (R)53% - 46%Denver Riggleman (R)
VA 06Solid Red06/09Ben Cline (R)59% - 40%Ben Cline (R)
VA 07Battle06/09Abigail Speanberger (D)
50% - 48%VA 07 Candidates
VA 08Solid Blue06/09Donald Beyer (D)76% - 23%N/A
VA 09Solid Red06/09Morgan Griffith (R)65% - 34%Morgan Griffith (R)
VA 10Tilts Blue06/09Jennifer Wexton (D)
56% - 43%Rob Jones (R)
Jeff Dove (R)
VA 11Solid Blue06/09Gerry Connolly (D)71% - 27%N/A
VA SenTilts Blue06/09Mark Warner (D)49% - 48%VA Senate Candidates
WA 01Solid Blue08/04Susan DelBene (D)59% - 41%N/A
WA 02Solid Blue08/04Rick Larsen (D)No R enteredN/A
WA 03Tilts Red08/04Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)52% - 47%Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)
WA 04Solid Red08/04Dan Newhouse (R)62% - 37%Dan Newhouse (R)
WA 05Tilts Red08/04Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)54% - 45%Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R)
WA 06Solid Blue08/04Derek Kilmer (D)64% - 36%N/A
WA 07Solid Blue08/04Pramila Jayapal (D)83% - 16%N/A
WA 08Tilts Blue08/04Kim Schrier (D)
52% - 47%Jesse Jensen 
Keith Swank
Dan Gordon
WA 09Solid Blue08/04Adam Smith (D)Top 2 D'sN/A
WA 10Solid Blue08/04Denny Heck (D)61% - 39%Nancy Slotnick (R)
WA GovTilts Blue08/04Jay Inslee (D)54% - 45%Phil Fortunato (R)
Loren Culp (R)
Anton Sakharov (R)
Joshua Freed (R)
WI 01Tilts Red08/11Bryan Steil (R)54% - 42%Bryan Steil (R)
WI 02Solid Blue08/11Mark Pocan (D)No R enteredN/A
WI 03Solid Blue08/11Ron Kind (D)60% - 40%Brandon Cook (R)
Alex Virijevich (R)
WI 04Solid Blue08/11Gwen Moore (D)75% - 21%N/A
WI 05Solid Red08/11Jim Sensenbrenner (R)
62% - 38%TBD
WI 06Tilts Red08/11Glenn Grothman (R)55% - 45%Glenn Grothman (R)
Melissa McClintick (R)
WI 07Solid Red08/11Sean Duffy (R)
60% - 38%TBD
WI 08Solid Red08/11Mike Gallagher (R)63% - 36%Mike Gallagher (R)
WV 01Solid Red05/12David McKinley (R)65% - 35%David McKinley (R)
WV 02Tilts Red05/12Alexander Mooney (R)54% - 43%Alexander Mooney (R)
WV 03Tilts Red05/12Carol Miller (R)56% - 44%Carol Miller (R)
WV GovTilts Red05/12Jim Justice (R)
49% - 42%WV Governor Candidates
WV SenSolid Red05/12Shelley Moore-Capito (R)62% - 34%Shelley Moore-Capito (R)
WY HouseSolid Red08/18Liz Cheney (R)63% - 29%Liz Cheney (R)
WY SenSolid Red08/18Mike Enzi (R)
72% - 17%WY Senate Candidates

RACE RATING: Estimates effort required to hold or flip each race

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OPEN: Incumbent is not running

LAST WIN: % by which incumbent party won last election

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