AL 01

Primary Runoff – July 14th

Alabama is blessed with many great candidates who love our country and support our President. The 1st District of the great state of Alabama is open for 2020, because Incumbent Bradley Byrne is running for US Senate.

Republican Candidates
Rating: Solid Red
Primary: 03/03/20
RUNOFF: 07/14/20
Incumbent: Bradley Byrne (Running for Senate)

Jerry Carl (R)

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CAMPAIGN CORNER RATING: 5 Stars* (subject to change - *updated 02/10/20) Rating Details



"No matter how much the liberals want to whine, Jerry will fight to build the wall along our southern border. He will stop the liberals from imposing a 90% tax rate on hard-working Alabamians, and most importantly, he will stand with Trump to do what’s right and fight for us." ~ Campaign Website


Jerry Carl is the Mobile County Commissioner serving in his 2nd term. So far his fundraising is competitive and in the top 3 among candidates for AL 01. Jerry is strong on our 2nd Amendment and border security. He stands with President Trump on fighting for our military service members and veterans, and for investment in our infrastructure to repair our bridges, roads and waterways. Jerry Carl has built several businesses in the healthcare field and therefore has knowledge and insight to fix our healthcare system. He supports a patient-centered, personalized approach that ensures healthy competition which will lower costs. Like President Trump, Jerry is in favor of covering preexisting conditions and purchasing insurance across state lines.

Another similarity that Jerry Carl has with our great President is that he abstained from taking a tax‑payer funded salary his first two years in office. He has a consistent voting record against raising taxes and is strong on job creation. Jerry is a strong Christian and believes that life begins at conception and should be protected. He opposes any funding of Planned Parenthood or any other abortion provider. 

Jerry Carl has raised more money for his campaign than any other Republican challenger.

Bill Hightower (R)

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CAMPAIGN CORNER RATING: 5 Stars  Rating Details



"I will proudly stand with President Trump's efforts to continue growing our economy, cut wasteful government spending that is bankrupting future generations, and defend the sanctity and dignity of each and every life." ~ Bill Hightower

Bill Hightower has a strong resume. He served as AL State Senator 2013-2018 and worked for several Fortune 500 corporations. Currently Bill runs several small businesses in Alabama. Healthcare is one of Bill's top issues and he supports block grants to the states as part of a plan to overhaul the system. He is strong on our 2nd Amendment and fully supports President Trump's positions on our wall and border security. Bill agrees with the tax code reform implemented by the current administration but believes that much more work is needed to reduce taxes and eliminate wasteful spending. He stands for free enterprise, small business growth and job creation and the continuing reduction of government regulations.


Bill Hightower supports our President, is well known and well funded. Bill raised the second highest amount to date among the Republicans running in the primary.

God Bless Alabama