The Alabama Senate race is looking VERY HOPEFUL for Republicans in 2020! 

The Senate seat currently held by Democrat Doug Jones was won by only 1.7%, and is primed for a take-back. Jones the Democrat received 673,896 votes to Republican Moore’s 651,972. An additional 22,852 voted for the write-in Independent candidate.

In 2014, Jeff Sessions won the race for AL Senate with 97.3% of the vote! A “write-in” candidate received 2.7%.

When Sessions vacated his seat in 2017 to become our Attorney General, a Special Election was held. President Trump said prior to the primary for this election that he liked Roy Moore, but Moore couldn’t win in the general. President Trump therefore endorsed Luther Strange, making it know that he would switch and support Moore should he win. Moore did win the primary, but just as our President said, he did not win the general. Because the special election was held to fill the remainder of Jeff Sessions term, and that term is slated to end in 2020 the seat is once again on the ballot, this time to fill a 6-year term.

Republican Candidates
ALABAMA - Bradley Byrne (R)

Challenging Incumbent Jones (D)

Primary: 03/03



Bradley Byrne AL 01 currently serves in the US House and is running against Democrat Incumbent Doug Jones for the 2020 Alabama Senate.  Jones won the seat by a very thin margin in a special election to complete the remainder of the term that Jeff Sessions left open. Representative Byrne has promised to support President Trump and is certainly living up to that promise! So far in the 116th US Congress, Bradly has a 100% voting record in line with our President. Bradley has over $2 million cash on hand and no debt or loans as of 06/30/19 according to his FEC File.  

Bradley is serving his 3rd 2-year term in office. When he announced his run for Senate on 02/20/19 he was quoted in AL.COM as saying “We need someone to fight for Alabama values and someone who will go up to (Washington, D.C.) and say, ‘we do not do that in America’ and that we will not be a socialist country, we will not kill babies as they are being delivered, we won’t take away your guns from you and we won’t take health care away from you.” Congressman Byrne supports law & order, American sovereignty & America 1st, our US Constitution & our National Defense. His top issues include fighting illegal immigration, protecting our 2nd Amendment, caring for our Veterans, free-market healthcare & lowering prescription drug cost, getting the federal government out of education, protecting & preserving rural communities and supporting 100% pro-life policies.

  • Arnold Mooney  (R) - Alabama State Representative
  • Tommy Tuberville  (R) - Former College Player and Coach (Campaign assistant is Sean Spicer)
  • John Merrill (R) Alabama Secretary of State
  • Roy Moore (R) Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court