Alaska Senate

The great state of Alaska has 1 US Senator up for reelection in 2020. No Republican challengers to the Incumbent, Dan Sullivan have yet entered.

Republican Candidates
ALASKA - Dan Sullivan (R) Incumbent

Primary: 03/03
Race Rating: Tilts Red
Dan's Rating: 4 Stars




Senator Dan Sullivan serves on 4 Senate Committees: Commerce, Science & Transportation, Armed Services, Environment & Public Works, & Veteran's Affairs. Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, Sullivan served as Alaska’s Attorney General and Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. He is a Colonel in the US Marine Corps Reserve and has held judicial clerckships on both the highest federal and state courts in Alaska. 


Dan has a voting record of 94% in line with President Trump, and has voted in support of all Bills for Border Security including funding for our wall. Senator Sullivan also voted in favor of all of President Trump's Supreme Court nominations, supporting the National Emergency Declaration on our Border and the protection of infants born alive after botched abortions. Senator Sullivan has voted against our President on foreign policy & opposed the First Step Act for prison sentencing and reform which President Trump supported (the bill passed). Senator Sullivan has over $2 million cash on hand and just over $19k in debts/loans according to his FEC File.

Alaska suffers some of the highest rates of sexual assault and domestic violence, and is an issue that Sullivan has spent a decade addressing. He is co-sponsoring a bill with Kamala Harris that offers legal counsel to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Another main priority for Dan is reforming the Judiciary Branch of our Federal Government and supports the Trump Administration's efforts to confirm new judges who will focus on the fidelity of written statutes as opposed to policy-making.


Alaska's Senate Race is considered to be solidly safe by most analysts, but Campaign Corner rates it as as Leans Red. Dan won his last election in 2014, flipping the seat from blue to red  by a margin of only 2%.  The race targeted about 500k non-affiliated voters with nearly 40 million spent. The total vote count, however, was just 282k: Sullivan received 135k, Democrat Begich 129k, libertarian 10k, independent 5k and write-in 1k.



God Bless Alaska