Tiffany Shedd - Top Fundraiser


Tiffany's Rating: 4.5 Stars Rating Criteria

Tiffany is an ally with President Trump on border security, veteran care and deregulation along with lower taxes to keep our strong economy.  She grew up in Pinal county and currently lives on her 4th generation family owned farm. Tiffany and her husband have 3 children, and she has worked in AZ 01 as a bilingual teacher and a natural resource attorney.

Tiffany's 4.5 star rating reflects her alignment with President Trump's leadership and agenda, her respect and love for our country as a sovereign nation, her background experience and knowledge within her community and the fact that she is the top Republican Primary fundraiser as of early December 2019. No questionable ethics or connections have been linked to Tiffany.

"I’m running for Congress to fix the problems facing OUR communities. We’ve spilled our blood, sweat, and tears over this land for generations, but DC is neglecting us. I’ll stand with President Trump to secure the border and fight back against the dangerous socialist agenda that threatens our way of life." ~ Tiffany Shedd


    Nolan Reidhead


    Nolan's Rating: 4.5 Stars Rating Criteria

    Nolan is a strong supporter of President Trump's positions on securing our border, supporting our veterans and keeping the great economy we currently have. He is committed to serving the citizens of America by protecting our US Constitution. Nolan is pro-life and a strong supporter of education choice and free-market healthcare. 

    Nolan has been a part of the community of Arizona's 1st District for more than 45 years, serving clients and businesses. He owns and operates his own law firm in Tucson, where he moved with his wife and children in 1998. As stated on his website, "Nolan strongly advocates for laws, principles and solutions to protect our families, lands, economy, and border from the extreme and downright radical policies, including the Green New Deal, open borders, Medicare for All and other forms of socialism". 


    Nolan's 4.5 star* rating indicates his alignment with President Trump's positions, his pledge to be faithful to our Constitution and the citizens of our country, his ability to lead and his experience in working through complicated processes. No connections to globalist ideology or other concerning issues were uncovered. * As of January 31, 2020 Nolan now has the second highest amount raised of the Republicans running for AZ 01. Congratulations Nolan!

    (updated) Nolan's campaign finances are not yet known, and his rating will rise depending on the next filing statements with the FEC. 


    Chris Taylor WITHDREW 

    Read Chris's remorseful account of his drug addiction relapse and heroine overdose here.

    Chris's Rating: 4.5 Stars Rating Criteria

    "We need real representation from regular hard working Americans who truly understand our needs and desires. Let’s take back our Government from elitist out of touch Washington insiders who only care about their personal agendas." ~ Chris Taylor

    The Campaign Corner deeply respects and appreciates Chris's service as a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the United States Army Special Operations Command, Paratrooper, Combat Veteran of Afghanistan and Certified Firefighter. He loves our country and vows to fight for our Constitution. Chris aligns with President Trump and his Administration on trade deals including tariffs, deregulation, our booming economy, our energy resources being unleashed, protecting American jobs and workers and putting the needs of citizens particularly veterans before illegal aliens. Additionally, Chris is strong on having a powerful military to deter war and cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse in the Department of Defense. 

    Chris's 4.5 star rating reflects his platform's alignment with President Trump and his statements and actions being respectful of our President, his leadership within our Party and all citizens. Chris's background is well suited to the physical and mental challenges of serving in Congress. His story is one of overcoming extreme challenge and using the experience to help others to beat the stronghold of opioid addiction. Chris's campaign needs additional funding to win the primary and then the general election. 

    No red flags have been uncovered regarding Chris's character, background or donors. Chris is very well spoken and likable; he is the only Republican that we are aware who handled the topic of Red Flag laws with respect and reason. He shares his position with understanding and patience of the opposite view here


    Chris would do an honorable job for the people of Arizona, and he would very likely vote in line with President Trump's positions. He is loyal to conservatism, but also has the common sense and flexibility needed to get legislation passed in congress. Chris is an amazing candidate for AZ 01 with his background as a US Army Psychological Warfare Specialist, founder and executive director of Desert Eagle Addiction Recovery, and current City Council member and volunteer firefighter.

    Rating: Tilts Blue
    Primary: 08/04/20
    Incumbent: Tom O'Halleran (D)
    TARGETED Blue seat
    President Trump won AZ 01 in 2016 by 4%

    Arizona's primary election date is on August 4th, 2020. The race for District 01 is rated as "Tilts Blue". AZ 01 was won by 8% (D) in 2018. President Trump won the state of AZ by 4% in 2016.


    Approximately 147,036 residents of voting age are not yet registered to vote in AZ 01. Republicans can win AZ 01 in 2020 with a combination of new (R) voters registered and Democrats who do not want Socialism to vote Republican. Share the online voter registration link or learn how you can make a difference locally!

    AZ 01 Rating Details

    2018 Win Margin2018 Vote CountRegistered Voters# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link


    54% D
    46% R

    143,240 D
    122,784 R

    160,503 D
    137,204 R
    134,881 Other


    436,195 Registered Total

    583,231 Voting Age

    436,195 Registered


    147,036 Unregistered

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    God Bless Arizona