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Josh Barnett (R)

Josh will face Incumbent Rubin Gallego (D) in the General Election following a win in the August 4th Primary.

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[Your Voice America Interview 10/17/19]

CAMPAIGN CORNER RATING: 4 Stars (subject to change) Rating Criteria


Josh is a concerned citizen who is taking on a tough battle by running for congress in a Democrat stronghold. He's a business owner in Phoenix where he lives with his wife and young son. His 4 Star rating reflects his stand with our great President, his love and respect for American citizens, his knowledge of the issues within his district and his background experience that will make him a great servant and leader for the people in AZ 07 and across our country. Josh needs financial support in order to become our 5-Star candidate from AZ 07 to represent us in the US Congress. 

President Trump won the great state of Arizona by 3.5% in 2016.  In 2018, no Republican ran in AZ 07. The district was created in 2000 and is primarily inner-city Phoenix. Under Democrat Leadership, AZ 07 is the most dangerous place to walk in America & has the lowest average income for families in America. Only 68% of students in AZ 07 finish high school, and 13% attend college.


Talking with Josh it's obvious that he has the perfect attitude towards real problem solving, and would be a real asset to our Congress and to President Trump. Josh has practical solutions to complex problems including immigration and prison reform. He is 100% America-1st. All of Josh's Top Issues as well as his Positions are detailed on his website.

Instead of promising to stick to a narrow ideology and never work out any bipartisan deals, he promises to use common sense & cooperation to get results... just like President Trump. For a deeper understanding, see Josh's "Modus Operandi: The Person Behind the Politics"

God Bless Arizona