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ARIZONA - Martha McSally (R)

Appointed Incumbent

*** ENDORSED by President Trump ***
Primary: 08/04/20
Race Rating: Battle!
Vote Score: 87%
Martha's Rating: 3.5 Stars  [Rating Subject to Change]



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"A brave former fighter jet pilot and warrior, Senator Martha McSally of Arizona has done an outstanding job in D.C., and is fully supportive of our agenda – she is with us all the way. Martha is strong on Crime and Borders, the 2nd Amendment, and loves our Military and Vets. She has my Complete and Total Endorsement!" ~ President Trump - June 25, 2019


Any candidate ENDORSED by President Trump receives 100% support and promotional efforts! The Campaign Corner trusts President Trump's decisions and will not promote any contender against the candidate our President wants to win.


Senator Martha McSally served in the Air Force for 26 years and was the first female fighter pilot and the first to command a fighter squadron. Her sponsored legislation includes 3 bipartisan bills on detecting and deterring illegal entry into the USA, transparency for prescription drug cost and reining in rogue spending at western area power administration. Martha lost her Senate race for the open seat against Krysten Sinema, but was then appointed to temporarily fill the seat vacated by McCain. Her appointment by Governor Doug Ducey (R) is being challenged in court because no special election is slated.


Martha currently has an 87% voting record in line with President Trump, and faces reelection in 2020 in order to remain in the seat for the remaining time left, through 2022. McSally votes in opposition of the President on most foreign policy. She was supported and endorsed by him in 2018 but needs to improve her efforts in returning that support. Let's hope that in the coming months Senator McSally will demonstrate more loyalty for President Trump, especially since she received his very early endorsement for 2020 in June of 2019! Martha has over $2 million cash on hand and no debt on her FEC File

On the Democrat side, Mark Kelly, retired astronaut and Navy Vet is running. Mark is the husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who miraculously lived after being shot in the head in 2011. Kelly has raised over $ 4 million for the 2020 race.




      God Bless Arizona!