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Research and send the names of candidates running for US Congress or Governor whom you support as being America 1st, Pro-President Trump & who will help Make & Keep America Great.

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Website – Proof read for spelling, grammar and accuracy.

Candidates – Check Lists and note any missing candidates for US House, US Senate or Governor. If a candidate has withdrawn, send their name & seat.

Election & Voter Fraud – Check the “Election Fraud” page listed under ARTICLES tab on the Campaign Corner website and note any new cases that are not already listed, or updates to any ongoing investigations.

President Trump Endorsements – Check the lists for Primaries and General, and note any candidate that has been endorsed but is not already marked. Include the method of endorsement, as in Tweet, Rally speech, or other.

Research # of registered Republicans and Independents in a US Congressional District (for US House seats) or State (for Senate or Governor seats). Compare to # of age-eligible voters. Submit # of votes needed for a Republican to win a seat currently held by a Democrat based on # of votes for the Democrat in the last election.

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