Blue to Red


Only 2 US House seats flipped from Democrat to Republican in 2018 and both came from the great state of Minnesota. Nearly all of the political news that highlights our great state is negative, focusing on the fact that we have had more terrorism recruitment than any other state in America, or on the anti-American, anti-Semitic District 5 representative.

Pete Stauber & Jim Hagedorn

The incredible, hard fought wins of Representatives Pete Stauber and Jim Hagedorn deserve to be brought out of the shadows! Not only did they flip their Districts from Blue to Red, both both Congressmen are 100% supportive of the agenda that we the American people want for our country.

One other incredible yet overlooked fact is that Minnesota’s 2016 Presidential vote brought us within a 1.5% victory for Trump! We can see our state turn red in 2020, in fact if we can capture the non-voter’s attention we can flip our blue-held US House Districts to our side as well.

The Republican Party is not without fault but it’s the Party that President Trump leads, and it’s our best shot at keeping our freedom, our sovereignty, our safety and our greatness intact.


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