CA 25

Republican Candidates

Mike Garcia (R)


Mike is a former Navy Fighter Pilot and has a great chance to win one of the top 2 spots in California's March 3rd Primary. Only the 2 candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the General Election, regardless of party. Mike has raised just over a $million dollars for his campaign, but so have 2 other Democrats. Mike really needs your vote on March 3rd! See all candidate's finances HERE

District 25 is winnable for the Republicans. Katie Hill who since resigned, only won by 6% which is really low compared to most of California's Democrat-held seats.

Mike Garcia is strong on our national security and supports the tax cuts and deregulation that have given us our currently great economy. He is a grassroots candidate who will be a true representative for the citizens of CA-25.

God Bless California