Republican Candidates
Primary: 03/03/20
Rating: Tilts Blue
Incumbent: Pete Aguilar (D)
Last Win: 14%

Agnes Gibboney (R)

FEC File

"Agnes is not a politician. She is a strong woman, driven, accomplished, and has faced adversity and kept going. She is a person like you. She knows what hurts and what helps the people of our communities. She will be a voice of reason and a vote for advancing the ideals and values that have made it possible for so many to pursue and live the American dream, which is why she will make such a fine representative. But she needs your help and support. Send a representative to Washington, not a politician!" ~ AgnesGibboney.comĀ 

Agnes's top issues include illegal immigration, homelessness and national security. Learn more here.

God Bless California