Republican Candidates
Primary: 03/03/20
Rating: Solid Blue
Incumbent: Grace Napolitana (D)
Last Win: 34%

Joshua Scott (R)

Campaign Corner Interview 01/06/20
Josh's Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our 1st show was part of a 2-hour special and followed YourVoiceAmerica! Just hit play to see Joshua's interview!

FEC File

Joshua was a top candidate in 2018 and is using the experience and the momentum that he gained to take him through a win in 2020! He stands with President Trump on enforcing our immigration laws, reforming the broken system, ending sanctuary cities and securing our border. Joshua served as an intelligence analyst in Tel Aviv and is a strong supporter of our ally, Israel.  Joshua will be a 5 Star candidate with additional financial support.

God Bless California