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Joe Collins (R)

Campaign Corner Interview 01/20/20
Your Voice America Interview 11/05/19
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Joe's Rating: 5 Stars Rating Criteria

5-Star Republican candidate Joe Collins will serve the neglected citizens of South Los Angeles and support President Trump in our US House of Representatives. The voters have nothing to lose and everything to gain by voting Maxine Waters (D) and her failed representation out of our US Congress.


Maxine Waters has held a seat in the US House for 29 years. She won 77% of the vote in CA-43 in 2018 ...but with only 157k votes. CA-43 has over 575k age-eligible voters. The seat is flippable! Support Joe Collins for the 11/3 Election!

Joe Collins is a very likable person, and his background combined with his natural leadership ability makes him an ideal representative to serve in congress. Joe grew up in South LA and is familiar with its homelessness, criminal activity and poor education choices for families. His mother moved their family to Texas just before Joe entered high school, and shortly after graduating Joe decided to serve and protect our great country through the US Navy. Joe served 13 years including during during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and as a recruiter. His passion to serve is now channeled toward becoming the representative for the forgotten citizens in CA 43 and the entire nation. Read Joe's full, inspiring bio here!

Joe has the passion, intelligence and people skills to accomplish real work with real results. Joe is already working on solving problems for the residents in Los Angeles's 43rd District while he actively campaigns. He has raised nearly $.5 million dollars, and is one of the only 2 candidates to receive our 5 Star rating. Joe is 100% behind President Trump's leadership direction and stands for America 1st. He is respectful of all American citizens, and his experience in life growing up as well as in the US Navy has strengthened his natural leadership skills. Joe is a winner! District 43 will be very fortunate if they vote for Joe and give him a chance to make their lives better. Be sure to read the detailed plans behind of Joe's top issues and watch his interview



Please vote long-term incumbent Democrat Maxine Waters out of CA 43. The District has many unsolved problems that hurt families.

2018 Win Margin2018 Vote Count# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link
77% D
23% R
= 54% D
152,072 D
43,780 R
567,838 Voting Age Eligible CA 43 Residents

195,852 - Total Votes Cast in 2018 (R) and (D)
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