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Casper Stockham (R)

FEC File
Your Voice America Interview 09/23/19
Casper's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)


Casper has well thought out ideas to solve specific problems in Colorado's 6th District which can be viewed here. He supports President Trump in his platform and in public statements.  Casper has a great temperament, is likable and communicates clearly and effectively.  His role as a Marriage Coach along with his wife provides him with experience in dealing with tough relationships, problem solving and negotiation - all important leadership skills for a member of Congress. Casper's rating will be adjusted higher if his end-of-quarter campaign finances are good. 

“I support President Trump. I do not always agree with his methods, but I love his results. I think the job he is doing for our country is BIG LEAGUE! The growth numbers across the board show he is WINNING for all of us, even with the hateful attacks he faces everyday.”
~ Casper Stockham

Some of Casper's other Key Issues include:

Homelessness - Homelessness is a 80 - 90% solvable problem in Colorado when the right methods of access to work, accelerated independence and accountability are applied.

Energy Options - Energy production is core to Colorado’s economy. We must have safe protocol for development but no longer allow the derailing of our resources.

Healthcare - Up to 200% increases in healthcare costs are coming soon to Colorado under the ACA. We need free-market solutions and healthcare saving accounts.

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God Bless Colorado