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COLORADO - Cory Gardner (R) Incumbent *** ENDORSED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP ***
Primary: 06/30/20
Race Rating: Battle
Cory's Rating:   4 stars* Rating Criteria

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Senator Cory Gardner (R) votes in line with our America 1st agenda some of the time. He voted for confirmation of judges nominated by President Trump, in support of the First Step Act, against federal funding of abortions and in favor of border wall funding on one major bill.  However, Cory received campaign donations from the influential, anti-President Trump Koch network. He also opposes the tariffs (that are working) and in the past he voted in favor of funding the federal government without money for a border wall. Jeff Bezos along with eight other Amazon representatives each gave $5,400 to Cory’s 2020 campaign. We know that Colorado is vulnerable to socialist Democrats and in particular the CO Senate seat is a target. Gardner won his seat in 2014 by only a 2% margin. The Democrats have targeted this seat to steal, so a very strong, Pro-Trump challenger is required who can win both the Republican Primary and the General Election. Cory is receiving financial help, and has stood strongly in support of our great President through these ridiculous impeachment inquiries. We can't vote out every candidate who is established or who has had donations in the past from globalists. We have to move forward from where we are, and that means slowly over time shifting the way elections work and the type of candidates who can win.

* Cory's rating was upgraded to 4 stars on May 5, 2020 due to his increased alignment with President Trump and our America First agenda. His vote score is close to 90%.

Original rating - Cory's 3.5 star rating reflects 1 full star each for his experience/qualifications and his $9 million in total campaign receipts, and 1/2 a star each for alignment with President Trump, allegiance to America 1st and trustworthiness.

God Bless Colorado