Election Fraud

“Cheat at your own peril” — President Trump

We sometimes hear people say that nothing is being done about voter fraud, and that Democrats always get away with breaking our election laws. Following is a list that includes just a sampling of voter and election fraud. Some of the cases listed are in exposure phase, but others have resulted in arrests, prosecutions, fines, loss of office and jail time. Slowing but surely, the wheels of justice are turning!

Voter fraud was rampant in 2018, but realistically the process of gathering evidence, indictment and prosecution takes a very long time. We trust that the cheaters WILL be uncovered and punished according to our laws, but not in the hurry-up time frame that most of us desire. President Trump tweeted just before the 2018 Election “cheat at your own peril” and stated that the election and voting processes were being watched at state and federal levels!

WISCONSIN – 01/13/20 – Judge orders over 200k names removed from voter rolls – from Praying Medic

MICHIGAN – 01/09/2020 – Former Morgantown City Council candidate facing election fraud charges

OHIO – 01/01/2020 State crime lab continues investigation of local voter fraud cases

FLORIDA – 12/29/19 – Dep’t of State calls for investigation of disbarred attorney for voter fraud

MICHIGAN – 12/13/19 More than 2,500 deceased voters on Detroit Roll
Thanks for sharing, Geno!

TEXAS – 10/24/19 More Arrests in Voter Fraud Scheme

July 17,2019

Tom Fitton – Stealing Elections 07/16/19

WASHINGTON 05/11/19 Prakazrel Michel Charged with Campaign Finance Crime of Funneling Foreign Funds to Obama


TEXAS 05/10/19 19th Person Arrested in Voter Fraud Investigation


NEW JERSEY 04/29/19 Mayor Resigns, Charged with Election Interference



OREGON 04/29/19 10 Oregon Voters Guilty of Voter Fraud

TEXAS 04/26/19 Polling Worker Indicted for Election Fraud

TEXAS 04/25/19 Texas Mayor Arrested for Voter Fraud

FLORIDA 04/10/19 Steel Truth FLORIDA Voter Fraud Exposed

PENNSYLVANIA + MORE 03/11/19 Over 11,000 Non-citizens Currently Registered Thanks to Jean Anderson @jjraegirl  for sharing

CALIFORNIA 03/04/19 CA DMV to be Audited for Voter Fraud

TEXAS 01/26/19 Massive Voter Fraud Exposed!

Texas – 01/25/19 Illegal Immigrant in Prison for Voting with Fake ID

TEXAS – 01/17/19  Mayor Caught Using City Funds on Expensive Tickets to see Michelle Obama – contributed by Carrie Lockhart CANNE Studio

ALABAMA – 01/17/19 Mayor Removed, Convicted of Voter Fraud — contributed by Carrie Lockhart CANNE Studio

US COURT of Appeals – 01/08/19 Court Order Barring RNC Ballot Security Ended — The linked article is a disgusting twist on the truth but it highlights a WIN for America! What we call election integrity, the left-wing lib nuts say is “voter suppression”.

KANSAS – 12/26/18   Two Lawmakers Elected as Republicans Switched Parties

ALABAMA – 12/19/18 Democrats used Russian Tactics in 2016 Senate Race

FLORIDA – 12/18/18 Brenda Snipes Sues Rick Scott

NORTH CAROLINA 08/24/18 19 foreign nationals charged for voting in 2016 elections

God Bless the USA

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