Primary Date: August 18th
Race Rating: Likely Blue
FL 09 Last Win: 16% (D)
2016 President Trump: Won by 1%

Republican Candidates

Bill Olson (R)


Bill's platform is in line with the America First agenda.

Bill has raised 95k for his campaign, significantly higher than any primary opponent.

Other Candidates:

Jose Castillo
Sergio Ortiz
Christopher Wright

FL 09 Rating Details

2018 Win Margin2018 Vote CountRegistered Voters# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link


58% D
42% R

172,172 D
124,565 R

216,899 D
147,560 R


1, 950 Ind
176,092 No Party

543,915 Registered Total

665,761 Voting Age

543,915 Registered

121,846 Unregistered

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God Bless Florida