God Bless Florida

Primary Date: March 17th
Race Rating: Tilts Blue
FL 13 Last Win: 16%
President Trump 2016: Won FL by 1%

Republican Candidates

George Buck Jr. (R)


George Buck has close to 5k cash on hand and over 9k in debt as of 03/31/19 according to his FEC File.
Vetting in process.

Amanda Makki (R)

FEC File

Amanda Makki raised over 220k in less than one month. Makki was born in Tehran and immigrated with her family to the United States when she was an infant in 1979.


Makki said her family escaped an oppressive religious regime that persecuted non-Muslims. Growing up in the United States, Makki witnessed her parents overcome poverty as her mother worked as a childcare provider and delivered phone books to make ends meet while her father studied to become a surgeon. That inspired Makki to develop a strong work ethic. 


“I’m running because the people of the 13th District deserve a public servant who will fight for a strong economy, lower health care costs, good paying Tampa Bay area jobs, and less government regulations on small businesses,” Makki said.


“I value all that America has done for me and my family. America is the last beacon of hope for freedom and opportunity. If we concede to those looking to make this a socialist country, we risk losing the only nation where you can still succeed regardless of your background or upbringing.” - Florida Politics


Complete vetting is in process.