God Bless Florida

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has named Florida’s 18th Congressional District as a target to overthrow the Republican Incumbent, Brian Mast. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee is the U.S. House Democrats’ campaign organization. FL 18 is one of 33 Districts they have targeted for increased financial support and time investment.

Primary Date: March 17th
Race Rating: Tilts Red
FL 18 Last Win: 8% (R)
President Trump 2016: Won FL by 1%

Republican Candidates

Brian Mast (R) Incumbent

Rating: 3.5 Stars   Subject to change - See Rating Criteria

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Brian Mast is a US Army Veteran, and received many awards including The Bronze Star Medal, The Army Commendation Medal for Valor, The Purple Heart Medal, and The Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Congressman Mast serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where his priorities include fixing the pressing water quality issues stemming from Lake Okeechobee, and on the Foreign Affairs Committee where he uses his military expertise to help strengthen the safety and security of the United States. Brian is a member on the Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism. Prior to becoming a US House Representative, Brian volunteered with the Israeli Defense Forces because he believes that our countries share common ideals of freedom, democracy and mutual respect for all people. 


Congressman Mast votes with President Trump's leadership 92% of the time, and is aligned with him on most issues including tax cuts, deregulation, caring for veterans, supporting our law enforcement officers, school choice, finishing the southern border wall, reforming our immigration system, free-market healthcare, fixing our infrastructure and more. But Brian angers many Americans when he votes with the Democrats, such as he did in June 2019, the only Republican to vote for the SAFE Act, and when he sides with Nancy Pelosi in support of stricter government regulations on guns, as reported in these articles:

GOP Calls Mast a Traitor
Congressman Brian Mast Appears to be a Reliable Vote for the Democrats.


Representative Mast also has ties to the George Soros funded Environmental Group "Center for Biological Diversity" He’s appeared at several events hosted by the group, and social media posts show him posing with the group’s senior attorney, Jaclyn Lopez and another liberal environmental activist.

However, despite the ties to Soros-backed groups, the work that is being done by Mast is for legitimate issues of water quality in Florida: President Trump Highlights Environment Accomplishments in Florida


Regarding Immigration reform, Brian Mast said in June 2019 “We are seeing a very real, undeniable crisis at our southern border, but as illegal immigrants and drugs continue to pour across our border, Democrats in Congress have decided that politics are more important than our country’s national security. Sadly, this has become the norm for Nancy Pelosi.”


So far, no Republican Primary Election challengers to Brian Mast have entered the race. The danger in Republicans bashing him too harshly is that we could end up losing the seat to a Democrat. As angry as it makes us to have a Republican Representative who sides with the Democrats on some parts of gun legislation, he does vote with our great President 92% of the time - a very high score overall.