God Bless the Great State of Florida

Primary Date: March 17th
Race Rating: Solid Red
FL 19 Last Win: 24% (R)
President Trump 2016: Won FL by 1%

Republican Candidates

Francis Rooney (R) Incumbent

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Representative Rooney votes in support of our America First agenda 84% of the time, most notably angering those of us who support President Trump when he voted against the National Emergency Declaration on our southern border in early 2019. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Congressman Francis Rooney explained his vote as follows: “I voted for the resolution because I believe in the rule of law and strict adherence to our Constitution. We are, as John Adams said, ‘A nation of laws, not men.’ The ends cannot justify the means; that is exactly what the socialists want. We need to secure our border and control who enters the United States but this emergency declaration is not the answer – fixing our broken immigration system is: adopting skill-based immigration, not family-based; policing visa overstays; ending the diversity lottery; making e-verify required of all employers; and stopping asylum abuse by requiring that asylum claims can only be made at a legal point of entry to the United States.”  All of Rooney's points are in line with President Trump's positions on immigration reform, and he should have trusted and backed President Trump's declaration. 


Congressman Rooney stands with President Trump on school choice, veteran care, lowering prescription drug costs, religious freedom, infrastructure overhaul, Iran sanctions, and more.


Francis serves on the Education and Labor and the Foreign Affairs Committees and is heavily invested in water quality, a key issue in the state of Florida. Congressman Rooney also leads the Bi-partisan Climate Solutions Committee of which 3 other FL congressmen, Mast. Gaetz and Posey are members. The name is off-putting, and its mission statement includes the phrases "climate risk" and "changing climate". But its purpose, at least for Florida Congressmen appears to be focused on legitimate concerns for water quality.