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Greg Musselwhite (R)

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Your Voice America Interview 10/24/19

Greg's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)


Greg is taking on the very challenging task of running as a Republican in the Democrat stronghold of Florida's 20th District. His campaign is hopeful that the unaffiliated voters combined with about 15% of the Democrats who are not far-left socialists will vote for Greg.  He understands that we need to listen to all sides of issues and work things through before passing legislation. 

Greg is a strong supporter of President Trump and has always held conservative views. He's a true representative of the people, not a lifelong politician. Greg is a certified welding inspector and has enjoyed success in this industry for many years.  His experience has taken him all over the US and allowed him to develop a broad perspective on problem solving among people of different backgrounds and cultures. 

Top issues for Greg's campaign include the very important Florida waterways, legal immigration and the economy. You can read in detail about all of his top issues here, and see that he has first-hand understanding and practical solutions for all.

Greg's rating will increase to 5 stars as soon as he receives strong financial support. The Democrat incumbent is a true disgrace, but is well funded compared to our Republican candidates.


Lateresa Jones (R)

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  • Florida District 20
  • Primary: August 18, 2020
  • Race Rating: Solid Blue
  • Incumbent: Alcee Hastings (D)
  • Last Win: No Republican entered in 2018