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Juan Fiol (R)

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Your Voice America Interview 10/28/19

Juan's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Juan is very passionate to serve the people of Florida's 27th District and to stand strong alongside our great President to help all Americans. His top issues include protecting medicare and social security for our seniors as well as being tougher on crimes committed against them. Juan also sees a great need to protect the benefits of senior veterans such as nursing home care, and to support all who are afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.  Other top issues include legal verification for immigrant workers, continuing to add more jobs and strong support for our laws and our law enforcement officers. The details of all of Juan's positions are clearly explained here.

Juan's background is perfect for citizen representation of the people. His parents were both Cuban Freedom Fighters, and they raised Juan with Christian values in the Catholic faith, to love and respect America, and to not depend on government for his needs. He had the example of hard work, and that no work is beneath him from his parents. He started his own businesses, eventually becoming a real estate broker and opening a firm in Miami. Juan served as a volunteer in 2016 to then-candidate Donald Trump, and has never ceased supporting him since.

Juan's 4 star rating reflects his alignment with President Trump and our America-1st agenda, his allegiance and respect for our President and all Americans, his life and leadership experiences, his temperament and likability, and the fact that he has no connections to globalist ideology or questionable character issues. The only component that Juan's campaign lacks is strong financial support.

Juan has 3 primary opponents, notably one who lost this seat to the Democrat in 2018 when it flipped blue by about 6%, who is not a supporter of our President or the America-1st agenda, but who has over $500k for her campaign. Juan needs financial support to effectively compete in this race. We want #MAGA candidates in our congress! FL 27 is rated as a Battle for 2020 and has a strong chance to be one of the 19 seats that we must gain to take back the US House. 

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Juan Fiol
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Florida District 20
Primary: August 18th
Race Rating: Battle
Last Win: 6% (D)
Incumbent: Donna shalala (D)
God Bless Florida