The new Campaign Corner, just like the original 2018 team, vets candidates for US Congress and Governor according to their support for President Trump and his leadership. The new organization serves as a greatly expanded resource for Elections 2020.

The original Campaign Corner was founded by Ann Vandersteel in early 2018 while she was President of Your Voice America (YVA), which was founded by Bill Mitchell. Ann now has her own show, Steel Truth.  A team that grew to 13 people was recruited. Some of the original members had already been vetting candidates according to “MAGA” and their spreadsheet became the basis of the work done. This spreadsheet was maintained and placed on a page with top candidate profiles on the YVA website. I was invited to join that team in 2018, and for the most part really enjoyed the experience. 

In November 2018, just after the general election I wanted to expand our work, so I purchased the domain thecampaigncorner.com to use with the team. After a while I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the management part of working with a team of volunteers. So, I gave the rights to the domain to the team, pre-paid, licensed, etc. to use and left that team to start my own organization called Just Elections. After The Campaign Corner domain remained unused for a time, Ann contacted me and said to take back the domain and use it, along with the name of the team that she had originated, “Campaign Corner”. I like the name better than Just Elections, so I use it with “The” added to the name. ~ Shari Wassell