Interview Essentials

Campaign Corner – Candidates & Guests:
Look and Sound Your Best!

Before the Interview

Email your city, Skype name and a high resolution, close-up (1920 x 1080) photo of yourself from chest up with both shoulders in the frame to: We set up the “stage” well ahead of the interview that includes your image, bio, talking points and social media contacts. Promotional screens and labels are all done ahead of time. The Skype name is entered into our system so that the producer can make sure that we’re able to connect at the scheduled time. We interview several candidates in a row on recording days, so if you have questions or need assistance, please do your best to contact us before 10 am EST.

Essentials (Details Below)

  • Formal Business Attire (suit & tie/ blazer & blouse)
  • Webcam, desktop, Macbook or phone camera secured on tripod & in landscape mode
  • Earbuds (cord behind you – you will likely need to purchase an extension)
  • Good Lighting
  • Minimum 10 Mbps internet speed


  • Formal business attire
  • Suit jacket, dress shirt & tie for men
  • Suit jacket or blazer and blouse for ladies
  • No hats, please.


  • Unless you have a MacBook, laptop cameras have poor recording quality and most likely will not work for the interview
  • Phone cameras are fine but the phone must be secured on a tripod. You can find one at Best Buy or Amazon
  • Set your camera to landscape mode ahead of the call
  • Reasonably priced, excellent camera


  • Place and secure your camera right at or just above eye level, so that you are not looking down into the camera
  • You should be seen in the frame from chest to just above the top of your head
  • Please have a plain, non-distracting background behind you


  • Earbuds are needed to avoid having your interviewer’s voice echoing through your speakers during taping. Please use wireless or put the cord behind you (you may need to buy an extension to reach the jack)
  • Turn off all notifications, ringers, TV, radio, etc. prior to the interview
  • Record in a quiet area where you won’t likely be disturbed. Unplug devices that cause background noises including fans, humidifiers, ticking clocks, etc.
  • Check the quality of your voice recordings, so that our audience can hear you clearly.
  • Here are 2 great, inexpensive mic choices: microphone1 microphone2


  • Have at least one light source to light your face
  • Place the light facing you and behind your camera
  • Best, reasonably priced choice to light your face: Desktop Lights
  • Best for larger rooms and backdrops: Floor Lights

Internet Connection

  • Run this Speed Test
  • You need at least 10 Mbps upload speed to do the interview
  • We want you to look your best. To conduct an interview we’ll need you in the requested attire with technical specifications met. We don’t want to put you out there unless you look amazing!

During the Interview

Where do I look?

  • Look into your camera as if the lens is your interviewer’s face
  • If you look at the screen, the viewers will see you looking away
  • You want the audience to see your eyes during the whole interview

Communication Style

  • Relax and answer spontaneously and conversationally
  • Avoid sounding like you’re reciting talking points
  • Show your enthusiasm for your campaign or volunteer work
  • Bring energy to the interview! 
  • Use expressions and gestures as you would in normal conversation both when speaking and when listening
  • Avoid being perfectly still with no facial expressions while the interviewer is speaking
  • Look into the camera and nod, smile, etc.

After the Interview

  • You’ll receive a link to your interview via email to use as you wish in promoting your campaign or volunteer activity. The interview will air on YourVoice™ Periscope, promoted through Bill Mitchell’s Twitter account.

The Show