IA 03 is one of the 18 seats needed that Republicans can gain to take back our House in 2020! The seat was flipped by only a 2% margin in 2018 and is rated as a Battle for the General Election in November 2020.

  • Presidential Caucus Date: February 3rd, 2020
  • Congressional Primary Date: June 2, 2020
  • Race Rating: Battle
  • Last Win %: 49% (D) – 47% (R)
Republican Candidates
Bill Schafer (R)

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Bill's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)


William (Bill) Schafer is a retired US Army Colonel and served our nation for 32 years in active service and another 5 years working in the Department of the Army. His background is absolutely ideal for serving in our US Congress, and is best summarized by his LinkedIn profile: "A strategy expert with a strong diversified skill set including policy development and implementation, resource management and goal setting, process stewardship and implementation."

Bill is a Constitutional Conservative and promises to look for local and state solutions in all areas except for those directed by our Constitution to be at the federal level. His top issues are following our US Constitution, national security, immigration and the economy. Bill's website also lists budget, spending, healthcare and term limits as priority concerns. Bill's rating reflects full alignment with President Trump and the America First agenda. He voices complete support & respect for President Trump, his leadership within the Republican Party, and for American citizens. Bill is fully qualified based on his leadership experience and credentials. He has great communication skills, energy and commitment. Because he has not served in office as a politician, he does not yet have name recognition. He has managed to raise some finances and has spent only about 28% of his contributions. No red flags have been uncovered regarding Bill's character, beliefs or actions.

Bill faces the previous incumbent Republican David Young who lost his seat in 2018 to Democrat Cindy Axne. Young lost our hold on this seat by a 2% margin. David Young has over $340k cash on hand and Axne (D) has over $840k as of June 30, 2019. 

David Young (R)

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David's Rating: Pending (Rating Criteria)

David Young served 2 terms in our US House as the Representative of Iowa's 3rd District in 2014 and in 2016. He ran in 2018 for a 3rd term but lost to Democrat Cindy Axne. Prior to serving as a US Congressman David served as Chief of Staff to Senator Chuck Grassley (R - IA) for 7 years, and has received the Senator's endorsement in his effort to reclaim his former seat in the 2020 elections. As a US House Rep, David never missed a vote in committee or in the House. During the 115th congress, David voted in alignment with President Trump's positions nearly 100% of the time, differing only in one instance of whether to impose sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. Young disagreed verbally in July of 2018 with President Trump's position on Putin, Russian election interference and whether its better to be allies or enemies with Russia and its leader.  Young was endorsed by President Trump in the 2018 election, but no word yet on whether he will receive his blessing for 2020. 

David Young's website lists his past experience but at this time does not identify his platform for 2020. He has name recognition and over 340k in cash on hand as of June 30, 2019. He has a great voting record from the 115th Congress with President Trump in office. We need to learn more about Young's current positions before a rating is given.

Brad Huss (R)

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IA 03 Rating Details

2018 Win Margin2018 Vote CountRegistered Voters# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link


49% D
47% R
3.5% Other

175,664 D
167,933 R
12,471 Other

170,121 D
169,878 R
175,821 No Party
32,036 Inactive Total


552,984 Registered Total

628,113 Voting Age

552,984 Registered


75,129 Unregistered

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