Republican Candidates
IOWA - Joni Ernst (R) Incumbent

Primary: 06/02/20
Race Rating: Tilts Red
Joni's Rating: 3.5 Stars 


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Senator Ernst has voted in line with President Trump on all measures except the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan and Syria. She voted in support of all bills for border security including funding for our wall. Joni in the past has parted alliances with President Trump on trade where short term sacrifice is necessary for long term victory, has partnered with Democrats including Feinstein on social justice issues and is liked by the infamous Mazie Hirino (D).  On July 16, 2019 Senator Ernst disrespected and misrepresented President Trump by referring to his comments regarding 4 anti-American congress members as "racist".

Joni was quoted in on 06/16/19“Today as I kick off this campaign, I ask you to join me on this mission to stamp out socialism and protect the important balance between government responsibility and individual liberty. It is that liberty that makes our democracy the greatest nation mankind has ever known.”

Senator Ernst faces 14 Democrat challengers so far, and the DNC has indicated that the IA Senate seat is a target for their party to attempt to flip in 2020.  Senator Ernst won her last election in 2014 by 9%.