Republican Candidates
Dale Crafts (R)

Dale's Rating: 4.5 stars Rating Criteria
Campaign Corner Interview 02/03/20

Dale Crafts has a strong business background and served in the Maine State House of Representatives for 8 years. He stands with President Trump on continuing with tax cuts and deregulation to ensure that we keep our economy strong. Dale knows that Maine specifically needs vocational training to return to the schools, and on the job training to be more readily available to citizens. He is strong in knowledge of how to reform healthcare and drug pricing, and wants our great veterans well cared for in all aspects. Dale is pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and stands for legal immigration reform along with securing our border. He fully supports our having a strong military. 

Dale has the second highest amount raised for his campaign. Please be sure to watch his interview with us, and donate to help Dale earn that last 1/2 star. 


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Eric Brakey (R)
Adrienne Bennett (R)
Primary Date: 06/09/20
Race Rating: TARGET
Incumbent: Jared Golden (D)
President Trump won ME 02 by 10% in 2016