Republican Candidates
MAINE - Susan Collins (R) Incumbent

Primary: 03/03/20
Race Rating: Battle
Susan's Rating: 2 Stars Rating Criteria


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Senator Susan Collins has a dismal voting record in line with President Trump. Her only supportive votes in the 116th Congress so far are the approval of $5.7 billion for our border wall, care for infants born alive after botched abortions and the nominations of Attorney General Barr and Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt. 

Collins won the Senate election in 2014 by a large margin of 33%, however due to her extreme disfavor among Republicans and Maine's tendency to vote in alternating parties, this race rated as Battle.  If Senator Collins receives an undeserved endorsement from President Trump, Campaign Corner will support that decision 100%. Sometimes a particular individual is the best choice strategically for reasons that we may be unaware. President Trump is completely worthy of our trust because no one knows more than he does, or has better Intel or is smarter when it comes to vetting. Even IF a candidate is clearly not on his side, he sometimes chooses to work with them for reasons of bipartisanship or perhaps because he wants them in office where their actions can be held accountable.

Susan's 2 star rating reflects her experience and her campaign finances. 


Derek Levasseur (R) WITHDRAWN