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Tim Fazenbaker (R)

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Tim's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)

MD 02 is a Solid Blue District, but it's possible to flip based on its deterioration under Democrat leadership and the opportunities it has under the Trump Administration.

"The swamp and establishment steal from our American kids when they choose illegals over Americans"
~ Tim Fazenbaker

Tim Fazenbaker is a Business Executive who has created jobs in both the Mental Healthcare & Energy Independence fields. He is a strong advocate for the protection of our children, the elderly, our great veterans and the truly needy. His core beliefs are lower taxes, limited government and individual responsibility. Tim is a true "America First" candidate and stands against putting illegals ahead of American citizens. He recognizes the disastrous state of cities that have been held under by Democrat control for decades, like Baltimore. Tim stands with President Trump's agenda and will work hard in Congress. 

A few of Tim's key issues include Immigration, Term Limits and Education. Immigration - American resources should go to Americans first, and immigration should be merit-based. Representation -Supports term limits and ending luxurious retirement plans for elected officials. Education - Vouchers for private, charter & homeschooling and safe environments for learning. Details of these and other issues can be found on Tim's website

Tim needs our help with name recognition and finances. Please donate to help make Maryland great again by electing Tim as the representative for the people of Maryland's 2nd District. If you live in another district or even another state, please donate to get Tim's vote in our US Congress, which affects all Americans! 


Genevieve Morris
Johnny Ray Salling

Primary: April 28, 2020
Last Win %: 34% (D)
Incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger (D)
Race Rating: Solid Blue (Difficult but NOT impossible to Flip)

God Bless Maryland