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NORTH CAROLINA - Thom Tillis (R)

*** ENDORSED by President Trump ***

Primary: 03/03
Race Rating:
Vote Score: 87% 
Thom's Rating: 3.5 Stars  (Subject to Change)


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"Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina has really stepped up to the plate. Thom is tough on Crime, Strong on the Border and fights hard against Illegal Immigration. He loves our Military, our Vets and our great Second Amendment. I give Thom my Full and Total Endorsement!" ~ President Trump June 25, 2019


Any candidate ENDORSED by President Trump receives 100% support and promotional efforts! The Campaign Corner trusts President Trump's decisions and will not promote any contender against the candidate our President wants to win.


Senator Tillis won his 2014 Senate seat by a margin of only 2% and currently has a low net approval rating in his state. He has the extreme privilege of being endorsed by our President, but must work hard to regain trust not only in NC but nationally so that Republicans aren't fighting each other and end up losing the seat to a Democrat.


Thom has established himself as a common-sense fiscal conservative and an outspoken critic of tax increases and wasteful government spending. He is passionate about serving, protecting and advocating for active military members, our veterans, and their families. He proudly supports President Donald Trump and his administration’s policy initiatives, including his support of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and the President’s stance on border security. ~ Senator Thom Tillis is endorsed by the Pro-Life Susan B. Anthony list and currently has a voting record in line with President Trump of 87%. The RNC supports Tillis for reelection in 2020. Thom has just under $3 million in cash on hand and no debt on his FEC file.


Some voters label Thom a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) most recently because he voiced his consideration to vote to overturn President Trump's National Emergency Declaration on our southern border. He did not however, vote to overturn and his current voting record is good. We want all Republican members of our US Congress to be loyal to our President by backing his leadership with their votes and their public statements. 





Top President Trump 2020 Campaign Strategist Cuts Ties with Primary Challenger to Senator Tillis

Thank you, John McLaughlin for discontinuing your effort to unseat Senator Tillis. We all want the BEST choice in every seat and its understandable to seek a new candidate, but President Trump is able to persuade even the "establishment" incumbents. 

"After prayerful reflection and consideration, I am confident that my continued service in the House will best help our efforts to reclaim the majority from Nancy Pelosi and advance our shared conservative goals."  ~ US Congressman Mark Walker NC 06 statement following consideration to challenge Senator Tillis.  THANK YOU, Congressman Mark for helping to keep our party unified, doing what's best for the greater good instead of your personal ambition.

God Bless North Carolina!