New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district (NM 03) is heavily Democrat, but if ever there is a time to make drastic change the time is now!

NM 03 is currently held by Ben Ray Lujan (D) who is running for Senate, which leaves the seat open for 2020. The New Mexico Primary Election is June 2, 2020. Voter information can be found here.

Republican Candidates

Karen Bedonie (R)

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YourVoice America Interview 10/02/19

Karen's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)


Karen is a hardworking, authentic representative for the people of New Mexico's 3rd District and our nation overall. She has seen first-hand the devastating effects of socialism and understands what it takes to help people rise up and out of government dependency. Her platform shows a true understanding of the issues and is filled with practical solutions. Karen became an entrepreneur and now owns 4 small businesses together with her husband. 

Karen is strong on national security and protecting small businesses from over-taxation and burdensome regulations. She fully supports our law enforcement officers, firefighters and first-response workers.  She supports our President  and promises to work alongside him in finding realistic healthcare solutions, continuing to improve care for our veterans and reforming our systems for legal and safe immigration. 

Karen's campaign is in the beginning stages, and she needs financial support in order to effectively compete and win in NM 03, a stronghold for the Democrats. Please donate, volunteer and help promote her campaign! 



Republican Candidates
Primary Date: 06/02/20
Race Rating: Solid Blue
Incumbent: Ben Ray Lujan (D) flipped
Other NM 03 Candidates:

Audra Lee Brown (R)
Alexis Johnson (R)