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Joseph Saladino (R)

The Campaign Corner Interview 09/13/19
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Joseph (Joey) Saladino is a Staten Island native, born into a working class family with deep roots and strong New York values. He created his own App Company when he was just 18 years old, and now at age 26 runs his own marketing firm, advising individuals and large companies on social media and internet marketing. Joey has over 1 billion views a year on average and 10 million followers on social media. 

As a professional social media content creator, Joey creates videos with the intention of having them go viral. Past content includes bizarre pranks and outrageous social experiments carried out by Joey's "YouTube persona". He has gained the attention of millions of viewers and is a celebrity in his hometown. Name recognition is one of the biggest hurdles to running for office as a citizen representative, right up there with raising money. Joey wants to use his fame in order to serve the people in his District. Those who personally know him say that he has a kind heart and is a generous and caring person. Some who only know his YouTube persona are highly critical of past content. 

Top issues in the Saladino for Congress campaign are fighting for working class American citizens, immigration reform and national security, particularly with the US Navy's role in trade and with foreign rivals.  Joey supports and stands with President Trump and the America First agenda. As a US Representative, his ability to effectively communicate to a broad audience will be a huge asset to our President and to the people in our nation. His sense of humor and likability will uplift everyone around him.

Joey has raised some money for his campaign, and is working hard to raise more. His campaign, like many of the best MAGA candidates faces an uphill battle against established Republicans who do not support our President's agenda. Please donate, volunteer and promote Saladino for US Congress.


Nicole Malliotakis (R)

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Nicole's Rating: 2 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Nicole Malliotakis said that she regretted voting for President Trump. She was the New York State Chairwoman for Marco Rubio's 2016 campaign for President. She opposes the Administration's ban on transgenders serving in our military (military would be required to pay for expensive hormone therapy and surgery to alter biological gender). Nicole also opposed the travel ban from countries who support Islamic terrorism. However, the Wall Street Journal states that "Ms. Malliotakis noted she spoke with the President in a call facilitated by Mr. McCarthy in January. “It was very encouraging, so much so that I filed to run a week after,” she said."

President Trump won the Staten Island District which also covers part of Brooklyn by 10% in 2016. We lost the seat in 2018 to Max Rose (R) by 6%. Of course we want to win back the 11th District of NY in 2020, but the GOP is getting behind a candidate that does not stand with our great President. Surprisingly, congressman Steve Scalise (R) LA donated 10k through his PAC to Nicole. Marco Rubio and Liz Cheney each gave 1k. Dan Crenshaw (R) TX held a fundraiser for her in Brooklyn recently. Not all Republican elected officials on Staten Island have endorsed her though. 

Nicole says that she will stand against the so-called "Squad" if elected as well as against Mayor de Blasio. She has raised significant funds but still has less than half of what Democrat Max Rose has accumulated.

The Campaign Corner is trying hard to promote unity within our Party. Not every Republican who gets labeled as a "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) is against President Trump, in fact many vote with him more than 90% of the time. But unless President Trump endorses this candidate, we will not support her.

Nicole's 2 Star Rating reflects her lack of support and respect for President Trump and his leadership within our Party. She also lacks trustworthiness as a reliable vote in the US Congress for the Trump Administration's agenda. She gets a star for having raised money and for her background experience in politics.

New York’s 11th Congressional District includes Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. Democrats flipped this seat in 2018 but President Trump won it in 2016 by 10%.

Primary: April 21, 2020
Race Rating: Battle!
NY 11 2018: Max Rose (D) won by 6% – Flipped Red to Blue
President Trump 2016: Won NY 11 by 10%

God Bless New York!
Joseph Saladino NY 11