New York’s 14th District only had a 13% voter turnout in 2018. John Cummings is a 5-Star candidate who has lived and worked in the Bronx his entire life. Support John for NY 14!

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John Cummings (R)

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John's Rating: 5 Stars (Rating Criteria)

John has lived and served in New York's 14th District his entire life. He is a high school civics teacher and retired New York City police officer. His knowledge of the issues facing the people in the district is first hand, and his commitment to serve them as a true representative of the the people in the Bronx is unquestionable.

John has very practical solutions to expand opportunities for education, lower the cost of healthcare and fix major transportation and infrastructure problems. You can read details here.

John's campaign staff includes his longtime friend Frank D'Onofrio. Read his articles "Who is John Cummings?" and "John Cummings on Education". Frank shared over the phone that John is the only man he would stand for through all of the required work of the campaign because of John's integrity. 

John is a solutions oriented candidate who stands with President Trump on the America First agenda. His background as a police officer and his 20+ years teaching government in the same high school he attended demonstrate fearlessness and commitment. He knows and relates to the voters of NY 14 because he is truly one of them. Isn't this exactly what we need and want, to be represented by citizens like John, running to serve the people? 

*Updated 10/09/19 - John earned a 5th star due to the incredible work of raising more than $435,000 for his campaign!!!


John's 5 star rating reflects his alignment with America First and his respect for our President and America citizens. John is highly and uniquely qualified because of his history in the district as a citizen, officer and teacher. John's campaign has done an amazing job meeting the challenge of funding as a citizen representative. He needs continued support to make history and flip NY 14 Red for America! Please donate to John if you are able, even if you live outside of the district or even the state, because John's votes in the US House will affect the entire nation. 


If ever there was a time for a Democrat stronghold district to turn red, the time is 2020! Voters have to choose between radical socialism and keeping their freedom as citizens. A Republican victory in NY 14 will be extremely challenging, but a win is possible with a combination of votes from new Republicans and moderate Democrats who want to keep their freedoms. Democrat voter turnout for the district was just 13% in 2018. Approximately 600k voting-age eligible residents live in this district. AOC won with just 110K votes!

NY 14 Rating Details

2018 Win Margin2018 Vote CountRegistered Voters# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link

56.4% (D) 

13%  Voter Turnout (D)

78.2% (D)

13.6% (R)

8.2% (Other)

110,318  - Cortez (D)

19,202 - Pappas (R)

11,602 - (Other)

244,941 (D)

38,863 (R)

8,554 (I)

15,683 (Other)

73,008 (No Party Preference)

367,808  - Registered Total

558,072 - Voting Age Eligible

367,808 - Registered


190,264 - Unregistered

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God Bless New York