God Bless New York

A Republican victory in NY 14 will be extremely challenging, but a win is possible with a combination of votes from new Republicans and moderate Democrats who want to keep their freedoms. Democrat voter turnout for the district was just 13% in 2018. Approximately 190k voting-age eligible residents are not yet registered. So far 5 Republicans have entered the race.

Republican Candidates

John Cummings (R)

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Israel Cruz (R)

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Miguel Hernandez (R)

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"A working class citizen of this great city looking to represent the men and woman just like me."

Scherie Murray (R)

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"You deserve someone who will fight for you, not fight for the limelight. Someone who will build bridges, not burn them down." ~ Scherie Murray

Ruth Papazian (R)

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"CD14 needs a problem solver in Congress, who will serve the interests of our people, unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her failed socialist policies."

Rey Solano (R)

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Antoine Tucker (R)

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"Former Gangster turned believer in God. Running for Congress in NY14 to defeat @AOC’s globalist agenda. Antoine has been with President Trump and all of us who want to Make America Great Again since Day One! Here are just a few of the issues that he knows will help the people of 14th District of New York.

Education Reform

Engaging parental oversight by allowing parents to learn the same curriculum as their children by supporting weekend classes. Another proposal would be to use the web as an access portal from teachers to parents as means to online learning for parents as well.

Employment Opportunity/Incentives

Small business incentives. Small businesses hiring from within the district should be first to be considered for business grants. Currently, foreign nationals are outsourcing local American business, which hinders internal growth. Allowing grants to aid American citizens first will always allow prosperity from within hence a community that serves itself.

Diminishing Re-incarceration

Agreements for abatement. Proposing that in exchange for better conduct post imprisonment a ‘contract’ agreement is offered. A treaty made between applicant and the state that will impose stiffer punishments if new felonies are attained. This will give first time non-violent felons light at the end of the tunnel, and a true second chance at housing and job placement. Eligibility is based on residency of seven years.

Check out Antoine's links, and donate if you want to help his campaign. Even if you don't live in NY 14, a win for Antoine will be a win for all Americans!

An interview request was sent on July 21, 2019.

NY 14 Rating Details

2018 Win Margin2018 Vote CountRegistered Voters# Residents Age 18+Register / Share Link

56.4% (D) 

13%  Voter Turnout (D)

78.2% (D)

13.6% (R)

8.2% (Other)

110,318  - Cortez (D)

19,202 - Pappas (R)

11,602 - (Other)

244,941 (D)

38,863 (R)

8,554 (I)

15,683 (Other)

73,008 (No Party Preference)

367,808  - Registered Total

558,072 - Voting Age Eligible

367,808 - Registered


190,264 - Unregistered

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