God Bless Ohio
Republican Candidates
Ohio District 13
Primary: March 17, 2020
Race Rating: Solid Blue
Incumbent: Tim Ryan (D)
Last Win: 21% (D)

Duane Hennen (R)

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[Your Voice America Interview 10/23/19]

CAMPAIGN CORNER RATING: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Duane is a businessman and former pastor who lives in and has served the people of Ohio's Mahoning Valley for a lifetime.  The District is a Democrat stronghold and suffers a serious drug epidemic, the loss of manufacturing leaving many jobless and the pressing issue of affordable healthcare. Duane is committed to working for all of the people regardless of political affiliation. He has practical solutions to these problems along with the heart and the experience needed to get real results in his community which he calls "Steel Valley".  Read the details of Duane's platform here.  

Duane stands with President Trump's bipartisan approach to problem solving, the incredible economic results under his administration and for putting America 1st. He supports securing our southern border including finishing the wall, bringing manufacturing back to the area and open markets to drive down the cost of healthcare. Duane agrees with our having a strong military and supports President Trump's decisions regarding Syria. He's ready to go to congress to work hard and opposes the "clown show" impeachment attempts.

Duane's rating reflects his alignment with America-1st policies and his respect for our country and its leadership. His background in business and as a pastor serving the community he seeks to represent is what we need in our US Congress - everyday citizens with problem solving skills, the ability to work with people from all walks of life and the commitment to follow through on promises. Duane's campaign needs financial help in order to effectively compete. His rating will be adjusted as soon as he receives the help that he needs through donations.


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