Open Seats 2020

24 US House Republicans are not running for reelection in 2020. The following incumbent Republicans are not running for re-election. Strong candidates who can win both the Primary and the General against the Democrat are needed to Keep America Great!

Republican-held Seats Open in 2020

AL 01 – Bradley Byrne is running for Alabama Senate against Doug Jones. He has about a 98% voting record aligned with President Trump. The seat is rated Solid Red, and we hope his replacement will be as supportive of our America-first agenda as Bradley has been! Candidates for AL 01

GA 07 – Rob Woodall has a perfect, 100% voting record in line with President Trump but is not running in 2020. 14 Republicans so far plan to enter the GA 07 race. Woodall only won the seat by less than 1/10th of a percent, so the race is rated as a Battle. Candidates for GA 07

IN 05 – Susan Brooks is stepping down not only as as a US House Representative but also as the GOP’s top recruiter. The seat Tilts Red and is targeted as vulnerable for hit by the Democrats in 2020.

KS Senate – Pat Roberts votes with our President 90% of the time and won the seat in 2014 by an 11% margin. The race is rated as Likely Red. Jake LaTurner has declared a run; Mike Pompeo declined.

MI 03 – Traitor Justin Amash is thankfully leaving our party. Candidates for MI 03: Jim Lower (R) – Lynn Afendoulis (R) – Tom Norton (R)

MT House – Greg Gianforte is running for Governor of Montana, the currently Democrat held seat which surprisingly hasn’t been held by a Republican since 2004. Greg votes with President Trump 97% of the time. Candidates for MT House: Matt Rosendale (R)Corey Stapleton (R) – Joe Dooling (R)

TN Senate – Lamar Alexander’s decision to retire has Pro-President Trump Tennessee citizens cheering. Lamar voted in opposition to our President’s positions on Obama-Care, foreign policy including tariffs & border wall funding. The seat is rated Solid Red. Stokes Nielson has declared; Randy Boyd & Bob Corker have declined. Candidate: Manny Sethi (R)

UT 01 – Rob Bishop won his seat by nearly 40% over the opponent in 2018 and currently votes with our President 96% of the time. UT 01 is rated Solid Red. No candidates have yet declared. No entrants yet.

UT Governor – Gary Herbert will not seek reelection in 2020. Spencer Cox (R) has entered the race, and Greg Hughes (R) is expected to enter.

WY Sen – Mike Enzi won his seat by a huge margin of over 50% and votes with the America-1st agenda 92% of the time. Potential candidates include Liz Cheney, Foster Friess and Matt Mead. Marian Orr declined. The seat is rated Solid Red. No entrants yet.

Democrat-held Seats Open in 2020

NY 15 was won by a margin of 96% and is rated Solid Blue. Incumbent Jose` Serrano (D) is not running.

IA 02 was won by 13% in 2018 and is rated Tilts Blue. Incumbent Dave Loebsack (D) will not run in 2020. Thomas Kedley (R) has declared

NM Sen was won in 2014 by 12% and is rated Tilts Blue. Incumbent Tom Udall (D) will not seek reelection. Gavin Clarkson (R) has declared, with Yvette Herrell, Susana Martinex and Steve Pearce among 14 other potential (R) candidates.

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