Greg Walden (R) the Incumbent is not running for reelection. We need his replacement to be a person who will support America. Walden voted repeatedly against border wall funding including to overturn President Trump’s Emergency Declaration.

ELEVEN Republican candidates are vying for this seat in the May 19th Primary. At first glance many of them look good and promise to support the agenda that we voted for by electing Trump. But further research reveals past discrepancies and too many unknown factors. We must elect the BEST MAGA candidate who can WIN. Open seats always carry a risk to flip to the opposite party.

Cliff Bentz is a lifetime resident of Oregon with a proven record of conservative votes in his time of service in the Oregon State Senate and House.

Republican Candidates
Primary Date: 05/19/20
Race Rating: Likely Red
Incumbent: Greg Walden (R) Not running
Cliff Bentz (R)


Campaign Corner supports Cliff over all other candidates in this election to replace the incumbent, Greg Walden (R) who is not running for reelection in 2020. 

Jason Atkinson
Knute Buehler
David Campbell
Glenn Carey
Jimmy Crumpacker
Travis Fager
Justin Livingston
Kenneth Medenbach
Mark Roberts
Jeff Smith