Republican Candidates
Primary Date: 05/19/20
Race Rating: Tilts Blue
Incumbent: Kurt Schrader (D)
Angela Roman 

The Campaign Corner Interview 11/14/19
FEC File

Angela's Rating: 4.5 Stars  Rating Criteria

Angela is a strong candidate who is working hard to flip this US House seat Red! One of the most helpful things in Angela's background that will serve her well in Congress is her work in the Oregon Legislature, particularly with legislative policy. She knows how to "decode" complicated policies; if you've ever read a House Bill you know how easy it is to get lost.  Angela is strong on border security and legal immigration. Angela is Pro-Life and Pro-#2nd Amendment. She is behind President Trump and our America First agenda. The campaign has raised a good amount of funding, especially for a grassroots campaign, and her rating will be raised to 5 stars as soon as she receives a little more help from us! 


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Amy Ryan Courser