The new Campaign Corner, just like the original 2018 team, vets candidates for US Congress and Governor according to whether they are in line with the “Make America Great Again” agenda, plus more. Moving into 2020, the focus is on supporting President Trump 100% and candidates who align with his leadership. The new organization serves as a greatly expanded resource for Elections 2020.

The original Campaign Corner was founded by Ann Vandersteel in early 2018 while she was President of Your Voice America (YVA), which was created by Bill Mitchell. Ann now has her own show, Steel Truth.  A team that grew to 13 people was recruited. Some of the original members had already been vetting candidates according to “MAGA” and their spreadsheet became the basis of the work done. This spreadsheet was maintained and placed on a page with top candidate profiles on the YVA website. I was invited to join that team in 2018, and for the most part really enjoyed the experience. 

In November 2018, just after the general election I wanted to expand our work, so I purchased the domain to use with the team. After a while I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the management part of working with a team of volunteers. So, I gave the rights to the domain to the team, pre-paid, licensed, etc. to use and left that team to start my own organization called Just Elections. After The Campaign Corner domain remained unused for a time, Ann contacted me and said to take back the domain and use it, along with the name of the team that she had originated, “Campaign Corner”. I like the name better than Just Elections, so I use it with “The” added to the name.

The Campaign Corner is its own entity but remains unified with Your Voice America and Steel Truth because we share the same goals. I have a number of contacts across the country who share information and advice, and occasionally write reviews or endorsements for candidates. I enjoy researching and maintaining the website content, interacting with candidates and promoting The Campaign Corner in all forms of social media.

Any American citizen who fully support President Trump is welcome to share information or submit candidates. SUBMIT CANDIDATES, INFO, OR ASK QUESTIONS HERE.

The Campaign Corner has Pro-America leaders and supporters from all across the USA for candidate vetting & local insight. Contact us if you want to be a connection from your state!

ALASKA  Jodie Menish

FLORIDA Annie Marie DelgadoAnn Vandersteel - Daniel Gabriel

GEORGIA Terre BehlogCarrie Lockhart

KENTUCKY Jodie Menish

MAINE Adam Ratterree

MINNESOTA  W.P. Trebor & Jolynn Marie





Shari Wassell – New leader of The Campaign Corner and creator/administrator of the website. Interviews candidates for US Congress & Governor. Coordinates with amazing MAGA people throughout the USA for insight into their state's candidates and issues. Researches, analyzes and promotes voter and election information online and via MAGA broadcasts.


Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel is a friend and mentor, and helps with interviews as part of the overall vetting process. Ann is the original founder of Campaign Corner, and graciously encouraged its name and its purpose to move forward. You can watch Ann on her investigative journalism show SteelTruth™.

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell

is host of the very successful YourVoice™ America (YVA) and stands with President Trump 100%.  Bill sees the pattern in the chaos and his encouraging perspective helps keep the "Trump base" motivated. The Campaign Corner started out with YVA but has since become its own entity. Bill has interviewed members of the Trump Campaign 2020 on his show, and hopes to interview many of our top-rated candidates in the coming months. Bill accepted a position in August of 2019 with Yippy.Com to serve as their Media Chief. Bill will remain CEO and Host of YVA. His new position with Yippy will help to significantly expand the YVA audience.

Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti

Pat Scopelliti is an executive coach, author of America First - The MAGA Manifesto, and avid supporter of America First. Pat provided strategic analysis to General Flynn during Flynn’s service as a direct advisor to President Trump in the 2016 Election. Currently Pat is writing a detailed analysis of John Minford’s interpretation of Sun Tzu and posting his work on Twitter. Pat is a friend & mentor, providing strategic guidance to the Campaign Corner.


Every District Counts

Engage the Right is an outstanding resource "for all like-minded conservatives to stand united together to combat the left’s aggressive political advances."If you are looking for practical ways to get involved in local politics to help win BIG in 2020, Engage the Right is for you. The available download is free and includes important information on how to make a difference locally, win on social media, register new voters & much more. Follow EngageRight on Twitter. Download the handbook HERE!