The Campaign Corner’s 2020 focus is supporting President Trump and promoting candidates who align with his leadership. We also support all candidates endorsed by our President.

Any American citizen who fully support President Trump is welcome to share information or submit candidates. SUBMIT CANDIDATES, INFO, OR ASK QUESTIONS HERE.

The original Campaign Corner was founded by Ann Vandersteel. Read the history here.

CEO of YourVoice™ Network

Bill Mitchell is the founder and CEO of YourVoice™  Network, and host of its very successful show, YourVoice™ America (YVA). Bill sees the pattern in the chaos and his encouraging perspective helps keep the "Trump base" motivated. You can follow Bill on Parler and CloutHub at mitchellvii, and email him at to join the mailing list. The Campaign Corner originated on YVA, and is honored to now have its own show on YourVoice™  Network!


Ann Vandersteel is a friend and mentor, and is the original founder of Campaign Corner.  Ann is now engaged in her own, investigative journalism show SteelTruth™.