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Joseph Billie (R)

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[Interview 10/08/19]

Joe's Rating: 4 Stars  (Rating Criteria)

Joseph Billie is a true representative of the people in District 5. He's a Navy Veteran who served in Bosnia, Somalia and the Persian Gulf. He also served the community as a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years and was chief of the local company. Joe describes himself as a blue collar worker and has worked in the steel and paper products industries.

Joe is a strong supporter of our great President and will always put America First. Joe supports strong borders with a real wall to protect us and to keep drugs out and help stop human trafficking. He is opposed to spending the hard earned tax dollars of citizens to pay for illegal aliens. Joe is strong on our 1st Amendment and supports the right of all to be heard and to protest peacefully. He is 100% behind our military in terms of strength and preparedness, and also in caring for and supporting our veterans with healthcare including mental health.

Joe is in need of financial support. He believes that PA 05 can be won despite the redrawn district lines which helped the Democrats to flip it in 2018. Joe works with many blue-collar Democrats who like the economic policies and reduced regulations of the Trump Administration and is hopeful to swing their vote. Please donate, volunteer and help to promote our "America First" candidate in Pennsylvania's 5th District to keep it out of the hands of socialists. The incumbent's top 3 priorities are to impeach our President, to help illegal aliens and gun control.

Joseph Billie is an authentic citizen who will represent the values of Pennsylvania and our nation, and who will vote in line with President Trump's agenda towards Keeping America Great! 


Primary Date: April 28, 2020
Race Rating: Solid Blue
Incumbent: Mary Gay Scanlon (D) Freshman
Last Win: 65% (D) - 34% (R) Flipped due to Redistricting
Vote Count: 198,639  (D) 106,075 (R)
Total Vote Count: 307,714

2016 - Trump won the state of Pennsylvania by 1.2% 
The current District PA 05 did not exist in 2016

Total Age-Eligible Voters in PA 05: 558 k+
Total Registered Voters: 498 k+
God Bless Pennsylvania