Pennsylvania District One

Republican Candidates

Andy Meehan (R)

Challenging Incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick - R (in name only)

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The Campaign Corner Interview 01/20/20
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Andy Meehan is the President of his own investment advisory firm and has lived in Pennsylvania's 1st District for over 30 years. He loves our country and is invested in continuing the revitalization we've had since President Trump took office.

Andy stands with the America First agenda on border security and immigration reform, trade deals, free-market healthcare and restoring law, order and equal justice for all Americans. He is truly one of the people and his work in investment advice has given him a great deal of experience with people of all different ages, backgrounds and economic situations.

Andy is clear in his objectives and has a high level of energy and commitment. He will need great support from everyday citizens because unlike the incumbent he seeks to unseat, he will have to fight hard to get his message to the voters without the aid of high cost ads or expensive events.    

Stay tuned for updates on Andy's campaign in the coming weeks and months!

Pennsylvania's Primary Election is on April 28th, 2020. Andrew Meehan (R) is our #MAGA candidate! President Trump won the great state of Pennsylvania in 2016 by a 1.2% margin.
God Bless Pennsylvania