Philanise White – IL 01

Philanise White (R) IL 01

The Campaign Corner is honored to support Philanise White for US Congress. Philanise is a strong, intelligent leader who loves her community and our country. She has a deep understanding and practical plans for how to help and protect all people both locally and nationally. A vote for Philanise is the best step that Illinois District 1 residents can take to help stop the depressing, high rate of crime in Chicago. Veterans, seniors and those suffering with mental illness are also a top priority for Philanise. She supports job training and growth including pathways for entrepreneurship. Philanise will always put education, job opportunities and safety for Americans first.

Philanise originally had Republican challengers for the March 17th Primary, but by election day she was able to run unopposed thanks to the work of her campaign team. Philanise said, “I stand alone due to my wonderful team, Team Philanise. They were very successful in knocking the other people off the ballot.

Philanise White will face Bobby Rush (D) on November 3rd. Rush has been sitting in Illinois’s 1st US Congressional District for the past 27 years. The District is rated as “Solid Blue” based on the percentage of the vote won by the Democrat. However, the actual number of votes that Bobby Rush received in 2018 was only 189k. The District has an estimated 550k voters.