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SOUTH CAROLINA - Lindsey Graham (R) Incumbent

Primary: 05/19/20
Race Rating: Tilts Red
Candidate Rating: Pending

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Senator Lindsey Graham won the Senate election in 2014 by a margin of 8%. He has voted in support of all border wall funding, is firmly against illegal alien entry into our country, stands with our President's tough stance on trade with China, is very strong on our national security and against amnesty for illegal aliens who entered as minors and authored legislation to address asylum seekers.

Senator Graham has infuriated those of us who support our President at times when he has criticized or second guessed President Trump in a disrespectful manner. But President Trump has worked hard to build a relationship with and form alliances with Lindsey, and has voiced his appreciation for many of his actions. President Trump is likely to endorse Senator Graham and Campaign Corner will support that decision 100%.


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God Bless South Carolina