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Chris Cox 
Campaign Corner Interview 01/13/20
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Chris's Rating: 4.5 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Chris Cox is the founder of Bikers for Trump I couldn’t be more proud of the friends and patriots I served beside in our successful 2016 effort to elect and, now, our 2020 effort to re-elect President Donald Trump,” Cox said in a post announcing he was turning the biker group over to a top lieutenant. “Now, in my effort to continue to support President Trump and our great country, I am stepping things up.” ~~ Chris Cox

Chris Cox demonstrated his leadership skills in founding and growing a grassroots organization that became nationally recognized all the way up to the President of the United States. Bikers for Trump was able to rally thousands of citizens multiple times all across our country to show up to support and protect Americans attending President Trump's Rallies.

Chris still sees himself as an ordinary citizen who loves our country and wants to serve its people, particularly all who live in South Carolina's 1st District. He has incredible energy, and is committed and focused on winning this election. 

Top issues for Chris include keeping our economy great, preserving and rebuilding the infrastructure of SC low country and lowering healthcare costs. All of his issues are detailed here. 

Chris's 4.5 star rating reflects his unwavering support for President Trump and his respect and love for America and for putting its well-being first. Chris knows how to get things done and is genuine in his words and actions. He has raised a fair amount of money considering he is not backed by lobbyists or the establishment. He needs more financial support to win and be our #MAGA candidate in US Congress!


Phil Norris

"In my personal opinion, America has flourished because we made God a priority in our society. I also believe that America was created by God to evangelize the rest of the world; to spread the Good News of God's love for humanity."~ Phil Norris

Mike Covert 

"I am passionate about our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I believe that the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution protects individual gun ownership. Gun control laws infringe on the right to self-defense and deny people a sense of safety.

Gun control laws DO NOT deter crime, gun ownership deters crime. Gun control laws will NOT prevent criminals from obtaining guns or breaking laws.

The best example of this is Chicago—In Chicago gun stores are banned; shooting ranges are banned; assault weapons are banned and high capacity magazines are banned—yet, Chicago LEADS THIS COUNTRY in deaths by illegally acquired guns." ~ Mike Covert

Kathy Landing

"Congress is lost and confused. While they are currently and entirely focused on investigating our successful president, they are failing to act on their primary responsibilities and what we need most – creating a budget, keeping our nation and her people safe, improving infrastructure, and fixing the broken healthcare system." ~ Kathy Landing 

Nancy Mace

"We are going to win back  SC 01 in 2020. I bring a new voice, the right experience, & the right leadership to put the Low Country & America First. If you’re ready for the fiscally conservative leadership we deserve, join my campaign now!" ~ Nancy Mace

God Bless South Carolina