Let’s win back the House for President Trump in 2020! TX 07 flipped from red to blue in 2018 by a margin of 5% with 12,317 more votes. A total of 243,601 votes were cast but TX 07 has more than 585k age-eligible voters.

Republican Candidates

Maria Espinoza (R)

Your Voice America Interview 10/14/19
FEC File

Maria's Rating: 4.5 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Maria Espinoza is a proven leader who is not a politician, but has been very active in service to others all across our nation. She is best known for her work in The Remembrance Project which has been endorsed and promoted by President Trump with heartfelt gratitude. Maria has worked hard in the fight against open borders, illegal entry and its devastating impact, and as an expert on the subject has frequently spoken across the nation. She testified in US Congress alongside Thomas Homen during his service as Director of ICE.

Maria is fully supportive of President Trump in her platform and in all of her public statements and actions. She has connections with other leaders already serving in the US House, experience in working through tough legislation and a proven track record of success. Maria has name recognition and a sterling reputation as well as heart and energy to serve with passion and commitment. If elected Maria promises to work alongside House Freedom Caucus members to stop socialism overall, particularly its encroachment into the education of our children. 

5 Republicans are running in the primary for TX 07, and so far 2 have reported fundraising between 250k - 500k. We are waiting for Maria's FEC filing numbers, and hoping for good news. Maria would be a huge asset and a blessing to President Trump, TX 07 and the entire nation.


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