Runoff Election – May 26th

Texas 16 is a solid blue district that hasn’t been won by a Republican for over half a century. But with President Trump in office, there’s never been a better time for dramatic change. The Democrat Party has changed, moving drastically, far left into Socialism. Under President Trump’s leadership, the Republican Party for the most part has been re-branded as the party for all Americans. The forgotten men and women who work hard, are no longer forgotten.

Republican Candidates
Race Rating: Solid Blue 
Incumbent: Veronica Escobar (D)
Last Win: 41% (D)

Sam Williams (R)

Your Voice America Interview 10/21/19
The Campaign Corner Interview 10/25/19
FEC File


Sam's Rating: 4 Stars (Rating Criteria)

Sam is running in a district that has been held by the Democrats for over 50 years. He supports our great President, respects our citizens and is transparent in who he is and what he believes. He's a retired, disabled veteran who served 29 years in 15 different countries and who doesn't need the job of US Congressman but is serving out of love for America and our citizens. Sam is down to earth and likable, but more importantly he's honest and hard working. Sam's positions are 100% supportive of our sovereignty, safety and prosperity, and his approach to problem-solving is realistic and results-oriented. His 4-star rating reflects that his candidacy only needs more substantial funding in order to win the primary and then the general election.

Under Democrat leadership in TX 16, according to Sam's website, "Their political antics have led to El Paso now being one of the highest taxed districts in the nation while also being one of the slowest growing major cities across America. We are ranked 14th among cities in the United States that have the highest poverty rate with almost 10% of households living off an income of $10,000 or less.

Sam Williams supports a strong southern border including investment into technology such as motion sensors and drones to assist our CBP and ICE agents, but he has a moderate stance on immigration reform. He favors amnesty or permanent residency for those already here through DACA and who haven't committed any serious crimes. Many conservatives are absolutely opposed to any deals made for illegals already in our country. We'll have to wait and see what President Trump proposes but being the common-sense and results oriented leader that he is, it won't be surprising if he asks for cooperation and a bit of compromise when it comes to the issue of deportation. We're also waiting on the Supreme Court's final decision regarding DACA which is expected by summer 2020.

Sam believes that any proposed gun legislation should improve the safety of all Americans but must not infringe on our #2A. He will vote "No" on any and all versions of "Red Flag Laws" because they open the door to government intrusion and could serve as a starting point for banning other objects used for self-harm or killing others. Instead, he supports cooperation among all agencies and organizations involved in background checks for firearms purchases. He agrees that no felon, violent offender, dishonorably discharged military member or anyone with a mental illness should be able to legally obtain a firearm. 

Sam's other top issues include education and health care reform - particularly for our veterans, and can be viewed in detail here. Be sure to listen to Sam's interviews in the links above, and consider promoting and/or donating to his campaign. 

Runoff opponent:

Irene Armendariz-Jackson (R)

God Bless Texas