The Bloody 5th

A History of Minnesota US House District Five

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Updated April 12, 2019

Congressional District Five in Minnesota (MN 05) is in the news often because the district’s US House Representative, Ilhan Omar stirs controversy on a near daily basis.

MN 05 has been solidly held by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) for the past 56 years. However, the 5th district was Republican for 74 years from its beginning in 1883 to 1963. With the exception of the People’s Party from 1891 – 1893, DFL from 1903 – 1905 and again from 1937 – 1939, the 5th district was Republican prior to 1963.

Whether any blood was actually shed is unknown, but the name “Bloody Fifth” was given to MN 05 during its very first election between State Senator Knute Nelson (shown at left) and railroad millionaire Charles F. Kindred.

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According to Wikipedia, “The Republican convention on July 12, 1883 in Detroit Lakes was compared to the historic Battle of the Boyne in Ireland. One hundred and fifty delegates fought over eighty seats. After a scuffle in the main conference center, the Kindred and Nelson campaigns nominated each of their candidates.”

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 1883

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Ilhan Omar is a Somalian refugee and one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress. The controversy, though the far left would accuse otherwise has nothing to do with her being female with a dark complexion.

Ilhan Omar has publicly made several antisemitic remarks which is currently the hot topic.

She has in the past and continues to stand alongside known groups that support terrorism.

She has been keynote speaker for fundraisers for Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is a pro-Palestinian organization with ties to Islamic terror groups. The U.S. Department of Justice listed CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in funding millions of dollars to the terrorist organization Hamas. The United Arab Emirates named CAIR a terrorist organization along with al-Qaeda and ISIS in 2014.


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Ilhan Omar with Leftist Activist Linda Sarsour

Many people ask how a person with such ties and ideology could be elected to our US House. Most assume that MN 05 is all or nearly all made up of other Somali refugees and family members. Minnesota and in particular the area of MN 05 is known as the terrorist recruitment center of in America. Video footage frequently surfaces showing our Mall of America, a 5 minute cab ride from the center of the district, as well as video from the streets in District 05 where if you didn’t know that you were in Minnesota you might think that you were in a Muslim dominated country.  

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Omar and Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan who calls her “sweetheart”

But the truth is that MN 05 is over 70% white. Though tiny in size, it’s densely populated and is now the largest district in our entire state with roughly 721,000 residents, 60% within the city of Minneapolis, and the other 40% in portions of 7 other sizeable cities.

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MN 05

Close up MN 05 (shown between red and blue areas)

The median age is currently at 34,and the millennial age group, ranging from age 24 to 36 years old, also makes up the greatest share of the voting-age population in the district with about 200,000 voters, making it the  6th highest percentage of millennial voters of all 435 US House Districts. Omar won in 2018 with 267, 703 votes, or 78%. The Republican opponent only received 22% of the vote with just over 74,000 votes.

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Mall of America in Bloomington, MN

The state of Minnesota has a couple of noteworthy facts from the 2016 and 2018 Elections that stand in high contrast to the overwhelming win by the DFL in MN 05. First, in 2016 President Trump came within 1.5% points of beating Crooked Hillary.

Additionally, the only 2 US House Seats to flip from blue to red in 2018 were both in Minnesota. District 1 which includes the famous Mayo Clinic of Rochester was won by a razor thin margin by Jim Hagedorn. District 8 which borders the beautiful Lake Superior and includes many miners who love our President was won, also by a razor thin margin by Pete Stauber.

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Pete Stauber MN 08 (left) & Jim Hagedorn MN 01

MN 05 has the highest number of Democrat voters in the entire midwest and has been blue for the past 56 years. But even with the highest turnout in voter history in 2018, there remains 31% of age eligible voters who did not vote. In researching the reasons why people choose not to vote, one of the top issues is that in districts that have a history of having been solidly won by one party, voters feel it will make no difference.

The first election in MN 05 was in 1883. The race for the Republican Endorsement for US House seat MN 05 was filled with corruption, with wealthy candidate Kindred openly buying delegate votes. The convention is said to have had shouting matches, disorder and “skirmishes”, and was therefore referred to as “The Bloody Fifth”.

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Protest for Increased Prayer Time During Working Hours -Amazon Warehouse Shakopee, MN

Interestingly, Omar got her start in politics which led to her representation of MN 05 due in part to a “skirmish” at a DFL Caucus for a state legislation seat. In 2015 Omar was a candidate for the seat and was injured in the fray. “I took a lot of punches to the head so I can’t really remember who was hitting me” she stated.

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MinnPost photo by James Nord

The argument between Omar’s 2 opponents led to her own plus multiple other injuries including a concussion for one person and a sprained neck for another. The heated argument turned violent after police had arrived and had momentarily calmed things down.

The main point of contention was the belief that voters outside of the precinct would show up to vote for candidate Noor over longtime incumbent Kahn. The concerns proved valid when during the election, voters outside the precinct did attempt to vote for Noor but were discovered and turned away. Omar said of the attack, which left her with a bloodied lip. “I was trying to get my face not scratched off.”

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MinnPost photos by James Nord

Omar, in opposition to the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution supports stronger gun control and in opposition of National Security for the USA, calls for the abolition of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). How can Omar possibly uphold the oath to uphold the US Constitution when clearly her ideology is in complete contradiction? One voter from the “Bloody Fifth” according to the Star Tribune was quoted as saying that Ilhan Omar provided hope in fighting back against Trump. “I saw new blood” the constituent stated after voting for Omar in 2018.

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ICE fighting MS 13 Gang Members in Long Island, New York

The 2020 elections are fast approaching. A fellow Republican who recently moved out of MN 05 believes that there are enough Republicans that if all voted, could flip the over half a century old blue seat back to the red color that it represented for nearly 80 years prior. Vote for America in 2020.

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Vote for America