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President Donald J Trump

Remember the tension within the Republican Party during the Primary Season for the 2016 Presidential Election? I do, and it was bitter, nerve wracking and not something I would want to go through again. So much doubt existed concerning then candidate Trump’s chances of winning and his effect on the long established Grand Old Party (GOP).

Established Republicans opposed Trump’s new way forward. But Trump never invited nor condoned division. He had the power and the following to start a new party, and many of us called for him to do just that. Names like the “New American Party” or the “MAGA Party” from the Make America Great Again slogan were tossed around. But President Trump chose to stick with the Republican Party and take charge of its direction, its focus and most significantly, its re-branding.

Sometimes you have to leave an established organization in order to effectively lead a new paradigm. Sometimes it’s best to stay with the established group. Either way it’s incredibly difficult to lead in circumstances that require a shift from status quo.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Our President has and continues to lead all Republicans to unify politically. I think that if we follow his lead, many Americans including those who never or rarely vote, Democrats who are leaving their party, Independent voters and newcomers to our movement to make and keep America great will be attracted and will join us in voting!

In-party divisiveness was evident in the 2016 Presidential Primaries. Candidate Trump chose to stay and sway over fracturing the existing Republican Party and most importantly, the voters who had the option to choose whether to vote Republican. Rather than leave, he made the right decision to stay. Do you recall how badly candidate Trump was treated by the upper echelon in the RNC?

We had our nerves frazzled up through the official nomination process, which occurred after Trump had won the Presidential Primary, and which traditionally was just a public affirmation of the voter’s choice! Then candidate Trump had defeated 17 other candidates! His victory was unprecedented and wow-worthy like never before in the history of our country.

We The People Elected President Trump

Yet still the party in many ways rebuked him. Needless to say, President Trump has had victory upon victory for the American people. So much winning and promises made and kept has resulted in the previously hostile Republican Party to now be officially behind him 100%. As we move forward to 2020, we need our entire voting base to publicly support President Trump 100%.

Mark Serrano from the Trump Election Team joined Your Voice America TV host Bill Mitchell on his show Friday evening, 05-31-19. Mark emphasized great collaboration, such as has never been seen before between the Trump 2020 Presidential Campaign and the Republican National Committee. An article titled Trump Reelection Campaign, RNC Merge Into One Body Called ‘Trump Victory’ from December 2018 spoke of joint fundraising and field operations.

We Salute One Great American Flag!

The purpose of this new merge will most definitely block any attempt by jealous, corrupt or conceited, sore losers like Kasich in Ohio from gaining any ground in attempting to challenge our President in 2020. But I think that the reasons for the merger are much more strategic than securing the reelection of our President in 2020.

If you followed the Rallies in 2016 and 2018, you will have observed that President Trump always stands for unity. He never thinks of himself, never is bothered by insults or differences when dealing with others. He endorsed many candidates in 2016 and in 2018 that had some screaming RINO! (Republican In Name Only) Establishment! Swamp!

God Bless America

President Trump had his reasons for endorsing those candidates. I think that President Trump wisely includes the many candidates who are a part of different factions within our party so that he can influence them in the right direction together under one umbrella. United we stand, divided we fall. He gives all Republicans, particularly incumbents, the opportunity to join forces with him and all of his supporters.

Those who receive the honor of a Presidential endorsement but who fail to uphold the America First agenda will be voted out of office. Our President seeks to strengthen and unify all Republicans through the principles of MAGA that are absolutely necessary in order for our country to be saved and preserved going forward.

We can unite around the founding principles of our nation including having a strong military, securing our borders, preserving our sovereignty, engaging only in fair & reciprocal trade, and above all, restoring respect for and adherence to our Constitution as the highest bastion of law and order.

We Love Our Flag

The merger between the Trump Campaign and the RNC in the coming election is an incredibly important event that speaks more than ever of the fact that President Trump wants our country to unify on principles and beliefs as Americans.

This financial and fieldwork merger is a huge deal. Beyond the effect on unity within the GOP, many non-voting citizens who want to save America in the name of freedom and justice for all will be inspired to cast their vote.

The number of citizens who do not vote is staggering. The best strategy for each of us who want to make and keep our country great is to inform, inspire and mobilize to vote.

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The Campaign Corner

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Shari Wassell

By Shari Wassell, 02-26-19
Updated 06-01-19