Top US House Races

US House 2020 Races 435 Total (196 R held – 235 D held
(3 open TBD by Special Elections in 2019)

#1 Priority: Republican House Majority

All 435 US House Elections in 2020 are important! Top races are those that are rated as battle races, or have an incumbent that we want voted out, or are open because the incumbent is not running. Some races have high interest because of a controversial candidate or other attention-drawing issue. We need to gain a minimum of 19 seats to take back the US House of Representatives! The Campaign Corner is doing its own ratings on candidates and races – DETAILS

Top House Races

CA 10

CA 21

CA 39

CA 45

CA 48


James P. Bradley (R)



FL 26

FL 27

GA 06 - Lucy McBath (D) Incumbent is a Fake Resident (lives in TN)

GA 07

IA 03

IL 13

IL 14

KS 02

KY 06

ME 02

MI 08

MN 01

MN 02

MT Gov

NC 09

NJ 03

NM 02

NY 19

NY 22

NY 27

OK 05

PA 01

SC 01

TX 23

UT 04

VA 02

VA 07

WA 08


CAMPAIGN CORNER RATING: Candidate’s likelihood of making and keeping America great (DETAILS)

BATTLE (Barely won last election or targeted to flip by opposing party)

TILTS, LIKELY or SOLID RED (Expectation of Republican win)

TILTS, LIKELY or SOLID BLUE (Expectation of Democrat win)

OPEN (Incumbent not Running)

VOTE OUT (Republicans not supporting our President)